Cuban Cinematheque and its 60th Anniversary

Featured Cuban Cinematheque and its 60th Anniversary

It is almost a fact that we can enjoy from the long-awaited Gérald Philipe library that the Cuban Cinematheque will have available for the readers and movie lovers at the local 23 y 12 Movie Theater that is the headquarters of that institution.

In recent dates, the local Cinematheque has been a decisive part in the restauration of the memorable films entitled 'La muerte de un burócrata' (1966) and 'La última cena' (1976), both ones by unforgettable Tomás Guitiérrez Alea, just to say two examples.

Many of those films or almost all of them are accompanied by an ICAIC Latin American newsreel (Noticiero ICAIC Latinoamericano) that was directed by Santiago Álvarez as a homage to his work.

The future and related plans will include some cycles that will probably fill the local Charlot Room and the 23 and 12 Movie Theater and they are the following and entitled ones:

´Leo Brouwer: el músico ideal para el cine´
´Antología del cine Cuba´
´Jornada de la Francofonía´

Their names would probably guarantee a high attendance.

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