Eme Alfonso: Havana World Music to be a converging point of cultures

Featured Eme Alfonso: Havana World Music to be a converging point of cultures

Havana World Music will be a converging point of cultures, stated Eme Alfonso, artistic director of the Festival. And she added: “this is a converging point of cultures to celebrate our identity and diversity.”

CubaSi talked briefly with the young musicians, founder and the life of the Havana World Music Festival (HWM).

What is the special feature of this 6th edition?

Well, this edition brings one more day of festival. So far, it had been only two. However, eight more bands were added to the usual entry list.

The contest Primera Base, for young talents, has some novelties as well. Tell us about them.

With the collaboration of the AHS (Hermanos Saiz Association), which helped us in the promotion of the event, the contest reached other regions of Cuba. This year’s winners are from different provinces and it certainly fuels our spirit because music is not only made in Havana; there are lots of talents in the rest of the nation.

Bands performing musical genres that belong to our traditions…Are they still part of the event?

That is our goal, which is to promote bands performing traditional genres. In this regard, Muñequitos de Matanzas with their rumba, and Nengon Kiriba, from Guantanamo, with changui.

Are you satisfied with the results of HWM?

I think we have contributed a lot with our culture and music. I am not going to say we have created any sort of trend, but we have helped channeling the fact of the concept of culture seen in a different perspective. 90 bands from more than 30 countries are the result of six previous editions. I believe that is a very important record. As an artist and organizer of the event, I am very pleased. I am extremely happy because it is already a positioned festival with its fans. Everyone has his/her own expectations and welcomes every edition with open arms.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz/CubaSi Translation Staff

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