Cuban Film Inocencia is Shown in Colombia

Featured Cuban Film Inocencia is Shown in Colombia

The film Inocencia, by Cuban director Alejandro Gil, was screened at the Faculty of Law and Political Science of the National University of Colombia.

The film, which depicts events related to the shooting in 1871 of eight Cuban medical students by Spanish colonial authorities, touched the audience present last night in the Camilo Torres auditorium of that center of higher studies.

Referring to Inocencia, Omar Garcia, first secretary of the Embassy of the Caribbean nation in Colombia, affirmed that it is a touching film, 'it reflects what was probably one of the most horrendous, unjust and sad events in the history of our country'.

Carlos Medina, professor at the university, explained his experience when he saw the film in Cuba for the first time a few months ago, accompanied by two Colombian friends who live on the island.

Professor Medina thanked us for what we do to achieve complete peace in this country, it is a duty, there is nothing to be thankful for, the search for peace with social justice has always been a principle of our foreign policy, Garcia emphasized. Cubans are deciding to follow the path begun in 1959 (when the Revolution triumphed). To all of Cuba's friends in the world and in this case in Colombia, we are infinitely grateful for the solidarity they have offered us for decades,' he stressed.

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