Sing Vctor Manuelle for the first time in Cuba

Featured Sing Vctor Manuelle for the first time in Cuba

The Puerto Rican salsa singer, songwriter and producer Victor Manuelle will sing for the first time in Cuba, at the V Salsa Festival in Cuba, 2020, which will take place from February 25 to March 1, at the recently inaugurated Paseo Maritimo de 1ra . and 70, in Miramar.

The Festival, which is chaired by Cuban musician Maykel Blanco, leader of the Salsa Mayor group, announces the performance of three or four concerts a day, especially that of Victor Manuelle, on the last day, whose theme Drums sound, popularized in the nation the Cuban interpreter Laritza Bacallao.

There will also be dance workshops and visits to the National School of Art and the house of maestro Adalberto Alvarez, in addition to a concert-opening dinner, at the Great Theater of Havana Alicia Alonso.

In 2016, Victor Manuelle, was in Cuba as part of a cultural visit, in which he shared with artists such as Adalberto Alvarez, Paulo FG and Laritza Bacallao.

He also shared on the set of the television program Sonando in Cuba, with many of the young participants with whom he spoke and to whom he gave someone other than advice.

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