Humberto in Latino and Native American Film Festival

Featured Humberto in Latino and Native American Film Festival

Documentary film Humberto (2014) by filmmaker Carlos Barba, was exhibited in the Latino and Native American Film Festival (LANAFF), an event organized by the Southern Connecticut State University.

The event, which has been taking place for five years, is opened to the public and its main goal is to increase the students’ culture.

The film exhibition was made up by fiction, documentary and animation films dealing with elements in Latin American and Native American culture. The exhibitions are focused in demystifying the stereotypes of these ethnic minorities that are still present in the US community.

Recently, the documentary won the Marcel Sisniega Award at the 3rd World Festival of Extreme Cinema, in San Sebastian de Veracruz, Mexico. In 2013, it won the Vigia Award, granted by the sub venue in Matanzas province during the 35th New Latin American International Film Festival.

Translation: Adriana Perez (Cubarte)

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