Leonardo da Vinci’s Self-Portrait Goes to Rome

Featured Leonardo da Vinci’s Self-Portrait Goes to Rome

ROME – Leonardo da Vinci’s only known self-portrait, dated to 1515, will be displayed in an exhibition that opens on Tuesday at the Capitoline Museums in Rome, which will show 12 works by the Renaissance genius.

The exhibition, entitled “Leonardo da Vinci. Self Portrait,” will be curated in three sections so that, before running into the famous portrait, the viewer become familiar with some insight into the life of the versatile and enigmatic artist.

Preserved in the Royal Library of Turin, the painting was transported by train with heavy security, a government statement assured.

According to an analysis from 2012, the work was “in a bad state” and was then moved for restoration.

The Roman exhibition will remain open until Aug. 3 and will portray the life of the Florentine genius with the help of multimedia interfaces.

Da Vinci died in 1519 and left his manuscripts, drawings and notes to his faithful collaborator Francesco Melzi, while “Self Portrait” belongs to the Turin Royal Library, where it was recently exhibited in October of last year.

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