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Eliades Ochoa, Cuba’s bet on 2014 Latin Grammy Awards

Featured Eliades Ochoa, Cuba’s bet on 2014 Latin Grammy Awards

El Eliades que soy, the most recent album by guitarist Eliades Ochoa (Alto Songo, Santiago de Cuba, 1943) is among Cuba's nominations for the 2014 Latin Grammy Awards, as said Ela Ramos, director of Artex’s Bismusic record label, in a press conference.

During the presentation of the CD/DVD, recorded with Cuarteto Patria, Ramos stated the record company “has many expectations with this proposal”, that might be added to the distinguished career of the renown Cuban interpreter with this Award: Buena Vista Social Club (1998 Latin Grammy Award), Sublime illusión and Tributo al Cuarteto Patria (2000 and 2001 nominees, respectively), and Un bolero para ti (2012 Latin Grammy Award to Best Traditional Tropical Album).

Eliades is highly praised by the Latin Academy of Record of Arts and Sciences, with bese in the United States, and this album is a gift for Bismusic, an honor for us he is now part of our catalogue, she asserted.

Qualified as a difficult album by the artist himself “because I had to choose songs from decades of emblematic songs made by Cuarteto Patria”, the album includes 12 tracks form the classical repertoire of this group from Santiago de Cuba. Some of them are El calderito de tostar café, by Francisco Repilado (Compay Segundo), Estoy hecho tierra, by Ñico Saquito, and Pregón Santiaguero, by Lino Rengifo. There is also a homonymous documentary where Eliades talks about his artistic career and Cuarteto Patria, with which he has worked for 35 years.

I am very grateful for this album. Life changes and so do we; but here there are many songs we used to play that would have been lost if not rescued with this work. I felt young once again, he said.

Translation: Adriana Pérez (Cubarte)

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