Silvio Rodríguez to promote his new album "Amoríos"

Featured Silvio Rodríguez to promote his new album "Amoríos"

Cuban singer-songwriter Silvio Rodríguez is presently promoting in several of the main music digital platforms his new record Amoríos, a compilation of some of his famous themes composed mostly between 1960 and 1970.

According to Estudios Ojalá recording house, it is already possible to reserve on-line the album that will be in the market on December 21.

From December 11 will be available, only in iTunes, Una canción de amor esta noche, and on the 18th, En cuál de esos planetas.

The CD also includes the famous tetralogy of Mujer con sombrero, formed by Dibujo de mujer con sombrero, Oleo de mujer con sombrero, the only unpublished song of the album, Detalle de mujer con sombrero and Mujer sin sombrero.

Other songs in the production are Canción a una microbrigadista, Con melodía de adolescente, Día de agua, Se cuenta de ti, Qué distracción, Tu soledad me abriga la garganta or Qué poco es conocerte.

Together with Pablo Milanés, Noel Nicola and other guitar lovers, during the 1960s, Silvio integrated the Movimiento de la Nueva Trova and his compositions keep seducing the youth still.

Five years ago he started the "tour" through Cuban neighborhoods; a wish of the author of Requiem to take art to which is most needed and that has been backed up by guest musicians like Isaac Delgado, Spanish Mayte Martín and Buena Vista Social Club.

It seems that the troubadour is not afraid of his voice to get tired and he keeps offering his concerts in popular or far away zones. He even counts on people who follow him no matter how far or peripheral the place could be. 

Ojalá was the first recording studio Silvio Rodríguez saw concluded of the several he impelled Cuba.

Although it has the support of the Ministry of Culture, it was conceived, from the beginning, as an alternative project, independent from the official studios and non-governed by the market demands, as said his web site.

Translation: Liana Fleitas (Cubarte)

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