Pablo Milanes and a song fifty years later

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Featured Pablo Milanes and a song fifty years later

Mis 22 años is one of Pablo Milanes’ songs that have gone deep into collective memory, and it is definitely a referent on the interest it awakes his work among the ones who likes his music.

And it is precisely to celebrate the five decades of this song that Pablo will offer a sole concert on December 26 at Havana's Karl Marx Theater, where he will be accompanied by several guests and will share his creations with the public.

In meeting with the press to talk about the show, Nancy Perez, specialist from Pablo Milanes Office, said the singer songwriter will go to the stage with his daughters Haydee, Lynn and Suylén, with whom he has worked in the past.

He will also share with singers Miriam Ramos and Pancho Céspedes, in a sort of tribute to those early creations that opened the way to Pablo in the national sound panorama.

The audience will enjoy themes like Réquiem por un amor, Tú mi desengaño, Ya ves and Mis 22 años, the latter motivated the concert and it is considered by the experts as a creation that was a turning point in the Cuban song in the 1960s.

This celebration will be used by Bis Music record company for the production of various materials that has Pablo Milanes and his work as a leitmotif.

From the concert to take place on Saturday, there will be a CD-DVD titled Aquellos 22 años also that will include a documentary that tells the story of this anthological song under the guidance of director John Pin Vilar.

For 2016, thanks to a joint effort between Bis Music and the office named after the artist, it will be published the complete list of records of Pablo Milanes, added to the release of his latest album titled Flores del futuro.

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