Cuban film "La cosa humana" in national movie theatres

  • Written by Saylin Hernández Torres
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Featured Cuban film "La cosa humana" in national movie theatres

La cosa humana, the most recent film of relevant Cuban filmmaker Gerardo Chijona, will be premiered at national movie theatres from January 21, after its screening during the 37th New Latin American International Film Festival.  

Those who were not able to see it last December now have the opportunity to do it and to value a proposal with a different type of humor that Chijona had used in other productions.   

The film is the story of a young outlaw inclined to writing that, needing money, presents a short story stolen to a writer in a contest, and without knowing, compete as rivals. 

Catalogued as an intelligent comedy, full of literary and cinematographic quotations that make people laugh and think at the same time, this film got a place among the most popular ones during the New Latin American Film Festival according to the public. 

La cosa humana also has an excellent cast with consecrated Cuban actors like Enrique Molina, Vladimir Cruz, Osvaldo Doimeadiós, Mario Guerra, Amarilys Núñez and other young ones but equally valuable such as Héctor Medina, Carlos Enrique Almirante and Miriel Cejas, among others.

The film also represents, according to Chijona, homage to great directors and genres like Francis Ford Coppola’s mafia films, Woody Allen’s comedies or the cruel humor of the Coen brothers.

Among its most important attributes highlights the photography by relevant Raúl Pérez Ureta, who has become the photographer mostly called by the director of Boleto al paraíso and Esther en alguna parte and that will be part of the working team of his next film Los buenos demonios.   

Translation: Liana Fleitas (Cubarte)

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