Pablo Milanes Closes Festival in Coahuila, Mexico

Featured Pablo Milanes Closes Festival in Coahuila, Mexico

Mexico, (PL) Cuban singer and composer Pablo Milanes closed with brooch of gold the Julio Torre International Festival of Arts, in Saltillo, capital of the Mexican northern state of Coahuila, reported press media Tuesday.

With 17 songs, some of them new, some of them not so new, the founder of the movement of the New Cuban Trova presented with six musicians in the auditorium to open air of the Las Maravillas Park in that city.

Pablo left himself be embraced by the chorus of more than three thousand attendees, according to newspaper La Jornada.

Applauses were heard from their first titles, and according to the newspaper, was a concert without pausing, with beautiful songs.

But Pablo and his musicians had to return to the stage to thank the public, with a famous song as 'Yo No Te Pido.'.

Pablo Milanes had not presented in a concert in Saltillo for seven years, and this time came, invited by the Government of Coahuila.

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