The Caracol 2016 Prize Giving Ceremony Concludes

Featured The Caracol 2016 Prize Giving Ceremony Concludes

The second season of the local police TV series entitled 'UNO', which is directed by Roly Peña and Miguel Sosa, was granted the Gran Premio (Great local TV award) as it is among the fiction audiovisual productions that were presented at the Caracol 2016 contest that was convened by the local Association of Writers and Artists from Cuba.

The documentary entitled 'La verdad de la historia' by Héctor Ochoa was granted the main award as part of the documentary category which shows the epic victory achieved in Playa Girón in April 1961.

The Great Radio Award was granted to the documentary entitled 'Perdóname conciencia' by Enrique Irsula Acebo from the local Radio Progreso station and the varied program entitled 'Desde este mundo' by José de la Luz Armas from Habana radio station, respectively.

The film entitled 'El acompañante' by Pavel Giroud, the documentary entitled 'Diálogo con mi abuela' by Gloria Rolando and the cartoon entitled 'El viaje' by Luis Arturo Aguiar were granted the local Gran Premio (Great movie prize).

In each local mass media, the members of the jury granted over a dozen of awards by specialties and there were some ones aimed at encouraging the related production about the recreation of history such as the cases entitled 'Entre libros and pólvora' by Ismael Rensoly and the one entitled 'Memoría de los días' by Héctor Armas Duque on the radio sector and the one entitled 'Valió la Pena' by Miltón Díaz Canter on Televison.

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