Cuban Ballet Group to Close 2016 Dancing in Cuba

Featured Cuban Ballet Group to Close 2016 Dancing in Cuba

The Lizt Alfonso Ballet of Cuba, a ballet group recently awarded with the International Spotlight Award in the United States, announced that it will close its 2016 performing season with a show called ''1..2...3...Everybody to Stage'' in Cuba.

All the generations of the ballet company including its professional current staff will take part in this show, in which the audience will be able to watch the children and adolescents dance.

The Avellaneda Room of the National Theater, will be the host of the show on December 9, 10 and 11.

Lizt Alfonso, director of the ballet company, received The International Spotlight for Arts and Humanities, from the hands of US First Lady Michelle Obama.

The International Spotlight is awarded by the White House every year.

On the month of November, the institution held its 9th tour on the United States, during which they acted in cities such as Chicago, Lewisburg, Detroit, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, North Carolina and California.

The ensemble, founded 25 years ago by Lizt Alfonso, teacher and choreographer, has been applauded in over 200 cities around the world by its shocking style of fusion, mixing elements of flamenco, ballet, contemporary dance, folklore and different folk dances.

The company has been the only dance company of Cuba that has managed to act in the popular the Latin Grammy ceremony, and in the year 2008, won the International DORA Award in Toronto, Canada, for best choreography in a Musical Work in the year, with the show called 'Vida'.

The Lizt Alfonso Ballet Group seduced audiences over the world over when it appeared in the video clip of the song 'Bailando', composed by Descemer Bueno Cuban and sung first by the local duo Gente de Zona and later by the Spanish Enrique Iglesias.

For 2017 Alfonso plans to realize the world premiere of 'Latido', a work musically arranged on music composed by one of the leading exponents of Latin jazz around the world, the Cuban saxophonist César López.

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