The Cuban minister of Culture emphasizes feminine leading role in forum of European Commission

 The minister of Culture of Cuba, Abel Prieto, took part in this capital in a panel summoned by the European Commission, in which it highlighted the social integration of the Cuban woman and, specially, his role in the artistic creation.

As informed today diplomatic sources, the holder was invited by the organizers and he intervened in the titled forum “Cultural heritage and creativity across the lens of the woman”, realized in Belgium in the frame of the European Days of Development.

In his exhibition, the minister tackled also the cultural policy of the Revolution directed to preserve the memory, traditions and identity of the nation, as well as to safeguard the extraordinary cultural heritage.

Along with the Cuban representative, also they took control of other responsible high places as the general manager of International cooperation and Development of the European Union, Stefano Manservisi; and assistant director general of the UNESCO for Matters of Africa, Edouard Matoko.

On the other hand, the minister supported bilateral meetings with different personalities assistants like Matoko, the minister of culture of Burkina Faso, Abdoul Karim Sango and persons in charge of the Headquarter of Cooperation and Development of the European Commission.

The European Days of Development are celebrated from 2006 and summon world leaders, personalities and different actors of the cooperation with the target to discuss development topics, and approximately eight thousand persons help, between participants and visitors.

In accordance with the embassy of Cuba in Belgium, the invitation to the minister Abel Prieto as speaker constitutes a recognition to the politics tackled by the Revolution to integrate the woman in the artistic creation and to preserve the material and immaterial cultural heritage.

The Cuban delegation was integrated also by the vice-minister of the sector, Fernando Rojas; the ambassadress of Cuba in Belgium, Norm Goicochea; and officials of the diplomatic mission.

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Cuban Culture Minister Highlights Recovery of the Sector after Irma

Havana, Dec 27 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Minister of Culture, Abel Prieto, stressed today that despite the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma, the country managed to reopen damaged art schools and save patrimonial objects.

In statements to Prensa Latina, Prieto recalled that the atmospheric phenomenon, the most powerful one formed in the Atlantic Ocean basin, caused damages to some 300 institutions of the sector located in provinces of the north coast.

It caused a lot of damage, in Havana the House of the Americas suffered the effects of the penetrations of the sea, luckily the training that people have in preserving the patrimonial objects, the equipment, allowed that the losses in that field were minimal; however, it was a hard blow to the institutional system, he lamented.

When making a balance of the recovery labors Prieto assured that in addition to restoring the schools, Cuba reactivated the cultural life in the damaged areas.

This meteor, which hit the archipelago in September, left 10 dead and caused havoc in homes, educational centers, hotel facilities, roads, among other sequels.

The response of the artists was very important, as in other occasions they created brigades to travel to the ravaged sites where there were affected people in shelters, people who had lost everything; they carried a message of solidarity, of spirituality and affection that is contained in art, the culture minister emphasized.

Despite Irma's lashes, he said, 2017 was full of successful events such as the Havana Film Festival, the International Handicraft Fair, Cubadisco, the Caribbean Festival, the Book Fair (celebrated at the beginning of the year) and the Romerías de Mayo.

About the prospects for 2018, the minister said that one of the challenges will be to guarantee the cultural life with rationality in the use of resources.

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Cuban Intellectual Abel Prieto Calls for Unity during Defense of Humanity Network Meeting in Venezuela

Cuban intellectual Abel Prieto has warned of what he called 'a right-wing offensive in Latin America intent on undermining the regional progressive processes that have changed the face of our continent'.

Prieto's comments came over the weekend in Caracas, Venezuela, where he is attending the 12th International Conference of the Network of Intellectuals and Artists in Defense of Humanity.

The event, which runs through April 14th, focuses on today's challenges for Latin America and the role regional artists and intellectuals are called to play in defense of our peoples' struggles for independence and sovereignty.

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Cuba isn't Afraid of New Technologies

The access to Internet and new communication technologies in Cuba must be focused on people’s training and culture, said today the Cuban president's adviser, Abel Prieto.

The island is not afraid of technology, said the official at a meeting with the youths of Havana University, and he remembered that the teaching plan developed in Cuba to make computing learning massive, according to Prensa Latina report.

He invited the youths to use the means offered by technological advances to convey a message filled with culture, technology in itself, is not harmful, he affirmed.

The meeting held at Sanguily Room in the Havana University, was also attended by the Computer Science and Communications vice minister, Wilfredo Gonzalez whom assured there weren’t any government policy that restrains the development, but the economic conditions are the ones that actually hinder development.

He commented that for Cuba there’s a digital breach between position 14 which we occupy, according to the statistics of the International Telecommunications Union, in the training of people who have knowledge on new technologies, and number 153, out of 157 countries, in the difficulties to access these technologies.

He also insisted in the efforts made by the government to move forward in the possibilities of getting access to these services.

On the other hand, the former agent of the Cuban State Security, Raul Capote, spoke on the banality and shallowness that generates consumerism around modern gadgets that facilitate the access to those new ways of communication.

He warned about the need of avoiding those manifestations in the Cuban youths to take advantage of those technologies to have a better Man, capable of exchanging feelings, we are more vulnerable as we isolate ourselves, he affirmed.

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