Foreign Minister reterates that Cuba is against terrorism and war

Havana, January 21 (RHC)---Cuba has never allowed, nor it will ever allow the use of its territory  for the perpetration of terrorist actions against any State, the Cuban foreign minister said Monday.


Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla twitted that the island  has strictly complied with its role as guarantor and alternative venue of the Peace Dialogue between the Colombian government and the ELN.

In another tweet, the island’s top diplomat reiterated that Cuba is against  terrorism and war and for the defense of peace.


“With the moral of having been victims of state terrorism for decades and being able to show an unblemished record, we condemn all forms of terrorism, regardless of its motivations.”


As a result of the attack against a Police academy last week, President Iván Duque, requested Cuba to arrest the ELN negotiating team that is supposedly in Havana and immediately extradite them to Colombia.


The island's Foreign Ministry replied that it will respect the protocols of peace dialogues.

Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares
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Cuba Continues Preparations for Constitutional Referendum

Preparations for a referendum continue on Monday in Cuba, where its inhabitants are convened to vote on February 24 to ratify the new Constitution.

The Constitution -approved in December by the People's Power National Assembly (Parliament)- is already in printed, digital formats and as a mobile application.

The options that each Cuban citizen has to know, read and study in a conscious way the future law of laws are opened.

Different sources state that as a example of the extraordinary interest the Draft Constitutional process arouses in the population, about 1,531,149 copies of the document have already been sold.

The 'Federico Engels' Graphic Arts Company printed a total of 3,100,000 copies of the Constitution's tabloids, and they were distributed in the country's all municipalities by Correos de Cuba company.

Raul Palmero, president of the Federation of University Student (FEU), posted on Twitter that nearly 9,000 university students were committed themselves as voluntary collaborators to guarantee the quality and transparency of the consultation.

Meanwhile, the Identification, Immigration and Foreign Affairs Direction of the Ministry of the Interior continues works related to the electoral registration.

Colonel Mario Mendez explained that the State accepts responsibility and guarantees that all citizens over 16 years of age can have the right to vote.

Our mission is that no Cuban eligible to vote is outside the list, the colonel said.

More than eight million Cubans are called to ratify on February 24 the new Constitution of the Republic approved on December 22 by the People's Power National Assembly.

The Constitution ratifies Cuba's socialist nature and the leading role of the Communist Party in its society.

It also reflects changes in the structure of the State, extends guarantees and human rights, promotes foreign investment, and recognizes several forms of property, including private property.

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Cuba Hosts International Latin American Journalism Forum

Discussing about the Latin American journalism in the scenarios of globalization and new technologies is the goal of an international forum that begins on Monday at Havana''s Hotel Nacional de Cuba.

The event, which will conclude on January 22, is sponsored by the Latin American News Agency Prensa Latina in the context of the 60th anniversary of Operation Truth.

About the forum, Brazilian journalist Beto Almeida considered that discussing the manipulation of information and the danger it represents for the society are an opportune framework.

The analyst also commented that the issue of informative truth and non-truth is increasingly gaining political relevance and a great social impact.

This situation of manipulation and fake news can cause tragedies, wars and very harmful changes for the people, as in the case of Brazil, thus the importance of debating this crucial issue at the forum, Almeida said.

Colombian journalist Jorge Enrique Botero stated that the issues to be debated are fully in force and will be discussed by participants with a high intellectual level and experience in the sector.

It will be an important occasion to reflect on the situation of Latin American journalism in the light of new technologies that have transformed our profession completely, Botero said.

At the forum, which will recall the 60th anniversary of Operation Truth, professionals from the sector in the region and other parts of the world will seek answers to the challenge posed by the need to exercise journalism committed to truth and common good.

Operation Truth was a meeting of 400 foreign journalists in Havana when the Revolution was 20 days old, so that they could have first-hand information about the trials of criminals of war from the overthrown dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista, amid lies about that process.

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Gran Final: Woodcutters to the Caribbean Series!

Yadián Martínez relieved extraordinarily, Alexander Ayala went 4 for 4, with double and a 2-run homer, and Jorge Johnson drove in the decisive runs in the 9th inning, by hitting a long home run over the right field fence, which allowed Las Tunas both to defeat Villa Clara, 8-4, and become champion of Cuba for the first time.

Villa Clara started invasively over starter Erlys Casanova’s pitches in the fifth game of the final, when César Prieto reached first base on Santoya’s error, Stayler singled to center field and Benitez emulated him with another hit to left field to drive in the first run of the clash.

An inning later, shortstop Alexander Ayala doubled to center field on a high pitch from Misael Villa, Jorge Alomá was walked intentionally and Yasiel Santoya hit a 2-run double over the third base line.

With a 2-1 score against, Eduardo Paret’s Oranges once again mercilessly went over the pitches of Pinar del Rio’s reinforcement pitcher Erlys Casanova with two singles from Yunior Paumier and Yulexis La Rosa, and a grounder from Andy Zamora to tie the game 2-2.

While Villa had no complications in the top the third with 2 strikeouts, his teammates early sent ineffective Casanova off the mound in that same inning, as he surrendered 2 more runs, by walking three hitters and allowing a hit from William Saavedra. Finally, the pitcher from Vuelta Abajo left the box with a poor performance of (2.1INN, 5H, 4ER, 3BB).

However, the Woodcutters survived the pressure and tied the game 4-4 in the fourth, thanks to a spectacular home run over the leftfield fence from Alexander Ayala with a teammate on base. Thereafter, both teams kept the tie, leaned on their respective relievers: Yadián Martínez and Yosvani Torres.

But, in the “lucky seventh”, Andrés Quiala made a perfect bunt to first base with 1 out, Yunieski Larduet took him to second base on a sacrifice bunt, and with 2 outs, Jorge Yhonson –the hero of the night– singled to left field, thus allowing his team to reach a 5-4 score and making hundreds of fans dream in a big way. In the ninth, Yhonson shored up the title again with a long 3-run homer and became the MVP of the postseason.

Villa Clara did not give up, loaded the bases and put the tie in the wrists of one of the most respectful batters in the history of the postseasons –William Saavedra–, but Yoalkis Cruz remained scoreless in a second consecutive night and dominated him on a grounder to second baseman, which unleashed the joy of all Las Tunas fans across the East of the country.

It was a fair final, with an honorable champion, where the best team of the tournament won. Yes, and nobody should doubt it. Las Tunas was the best since this story began last warm August. They have worked very seriously in the last two postseasons and here is the fruit of their harvest. My respects for all its technical staff, especially Pablo Civil, who has led these champion Woodcutters with intelligence, wisdom and bravery.

Likewise, prestigious coach Edecio Pérez deserves recognition, since he was in charge with the physical preparation of the squad in the past tournament and this year –although he was not with the team because he’s working abroad– the squad maintained his training design, inspired by his doctoral thesis on contemporary trends of sports activity in high performance.

And, of course, to that generation of Felix Núñez, Ermidelio Urrutia, José Miguel Báez and Gilberto Rodríguez, which continued later with that exceptional hitter named Osmani Urrutia, and with very good players such as Amaury Suárez, Alexander Guerrero, Joan Carlos Pedroso, Henry Urrutia, Yordanis Scull, Ubisney Bermúdez, among others.

From the game…

Highlights: The relief of talented right-hander Yadián Martínez, who pitched (5.2INN), surrendered 3 hits, with 3 strikeouts and 1BB. Curiously, Yadián clinched the last two wins of the final.

The tribute: To a great player of the lineage of Danel Castro, who will finally retire as a genuine champion with his soul Woodcutters.

The rival: Eduardo Paret’s Oranges strived hard and were alive until the last out of the ninth inning in the final’s fifth game.

Unfortunately, their defense failed in the fourth clash and they couldn’t bat the key hit with men on base, but left a very good image. They have a great talent in the pitching area, however they must develop more position players and renew the infield ahead the of the 59th Cuban National Baseball Series.

The MVP (Final): Jorge Yhonson was really unstoppable in the 2019 Postseason of Cuban baseball.

The 2019 MVP: Undoubtedly, Jorge Enrique Alomá was the best hitter of the 2018-2019 season of Cuban baseball. His metrics: (.388/.493/.616), WAR (5.1), OPS (1109) and wOBA (greater complement of OBP) (.497). So the batting champion of the 58th Cuban National Baseball Series should have no inconvenience to win the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award.

(Stats taken from website

The question: What’s your opinion about the 2019 final of Cuban baseball? and what do you think about the possible appointment of Pablo Civil as new manager of the Cuba team?

Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamin / CubaSi Translation Staff

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Cuba to Participate in International Tourism Fair in Madrid

Havana, Jan 20 (Prensa Latina) Cuba will participate in the 39th edition of the International Tourism Fair, FITUR 2019, to be run from January 23 to 27 in its usual venue in Madrid.

The Cuban delegation will be headed by Tourism Minister Manuel Marrero, government sources reported.

The directors of the main hotel chains, travel agencies, as well as associated companies such as Melia Hotels, Iberostar, Blue Diamond, Muthus, Roc Hotels, Accor, NH, Barcelo, Valentin, Kempinski, among others, will be present, the statement from the Cuban Ministry of Tourism (MINTUR) said.

The business groups Viajes Cuba and Cubasol, as well as the companies Cuban Medical Services, Palco and Paradiso, will also participate in the event.

Caracol will be represented by the cigar roller Jose Castelar Cairo (Cueto), who holds the Guinness record for the world's longest Havana cigars.

The 22nd Conference of Ibero-American Ministers and Spanish Tourism Entrepreneurs will take place prior FITUR.

Cuba will be represented by Marrero, the MINTUR says.

This year, the International Tourism Fair, FitCuba, will be held from May 6 to 11, and Spain will participate as the guest country.

The event will be dedicated to event and incentive modalities and its venue will be Havana, on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the foundation of the Cuban capital.

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Cuba Expresses Condolences to Mexican People after Explosion

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez expressed his condolences to the government and people of Mexico, where a gas pipeline exploded and killed more than 50 people.

'Deep condolences to the Mexican people and government for the loss of human lives due to the pipeline explosion in Tlahuelilpan, Hidalgo. I extend these condolences to the relatives of the victims,' Rodriguez posted on Twitter.

Some 66 people lost their lives and 76 were injured in the explosion.

After the incident on Friday, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said that the program against gasoline theft will continue despite the unfortunate event.

It hurts very much that these practices have taken root in recent times in our country, because the images of people with buckets and drums to extract gasoline or diesel is an unfortunately matter that extended to the entire oil area through which pipelines passes, the statesman said.

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Irene Rodriguez Performs at Joyce Theater with Flamenco Dance

Irene Rodriguez has a powerful force on her feet and her frenetic foot-stamping, so she currently remains in the minds and hearts of those who attended her show at the Joyce Theater in New York City.

The first of five performances by the Cuban company, directed by Rodriguez, took place on Friday night at the prestigious theater, known for bringing to New York the best of world dance.

I am very excited and happy for the response from the audience and their applause, Irene Rodriguez told Prensa Latina at the end of the show 'Mas que flamenco' (More than Flamenco).

One of the expectators praised the technique of the dancer and her company, and showed great admiration because the company will perform twice on the same day during the weekend: 'it is exhausting and it can leave anyone exhausted.'

Emilio Batista, one of the company's young dancers, expressed confidence that he can do that and much more.

The audience responded on Friday with euphoria to each piece: they felt the pain in the gestures and the slow movement by Irene Rodriguez and her dancers in pieces such as 'La Pena Negra', which was inspired in a poem by Federico Garcia Lorca, and they shook in their seats with the rhythm of Zapateo (Spanish tap dance).

The precision and synchronicity of the steps of 'El Mito', a choreography where only the feet of the dancers are seen, aroused deep admiration at the Joyce Theater.

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USA Jazz Band Builds Bridges in Cuba

''Mushulu Band'' is a musical project that seeks to defend from jazz the differences, blur borders and spread respect, tolerance and acceptance,'' declared members of this U.S. band today.

The group, founded a few months ago, is made up of prestigious musicians such as Jeff Berlin (bass), Dennis Chamber (drums), Oz Noy (guitar) and David Sancoius (keyboard).

The debut of the quartet and its first time on Cuban stages will take place tonight in the Avellaneda Hall, of the National Theater, as part of the International Jazz Plaza Festival.

The presentation will recall historical themes from their repertoires that mark, in a certain way, the particular sound that the band will defend from now on.

The show will be accompanied by the recording of a DVD, an initiative that, as Sancoius explained, 'defends live music by its ability to capture the magic of the show and the energy transmitted by the public when they are on stage.

The name of the quartet comes from a famous ship that during World War II (1939-1945) transported immigrants from Finland, Sweden, and other countries to North American shores.

With decades on the international stage, the members of the Mushulu Band are nourished by various genres thanks to the experiences gained in other groups and their contact with musicians from various nations.

His collaborations include names such as Bruce Spingteen, Stanley Clarke, Narada Michael Walden, Zucchero Fornaciari, Peter Gabriel, Sting, John Scofield, Steely Dan, Carlos Santana, Parliament/Funkadelic, John McLaughlin, Niacin, Mikeia Stern, Victor Wooten and Greg Howe.

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