Performance catwalk with 100 models along Havana boulevard

A performance catwalk with 100 models took place this Friday night in the central San Rafael Boulevard, in Havana. The event, which showed the last three collections of designer Michel Suárez, was dedicated to the 500th anniversary of the foundation of the Cuban capital.

Titled “Walking through my Havana,” the parade had an inclusive character because it allowed the public gathered in the populous Havana boulevard to be near to and interact with the models. In addition, it was the largest event of its kind held in Cuba since the one organized by the French brand Chanel on the Paseo del Prado in May 2016.

In fact, the intention was to hold a “non-competitive” event of similar magnitude to the already famous Chanel parade, Jorge Pedro Hernández, artistic director of the catwalk, told the press.

The idea, according to Hernández, was to make a one-hour show in which different expressions of art converged, and fashion be shown not only as a garment, but as a way of living, and at the same time to pay homage to the city.

“What better way to make this work than to walk along San Rafael Boulevard in Havana 500,” he said.

A total of 100 models of the Cuban Actuar agency participated, along with 50 dancers and 40 children from children’s companies, who showed five different trends: children’s accessories, casual, sports, smart and fantasy clothes, by the well-known fashion designer, creator of the D’Zuárez brand.

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Designer’s Melancholic, Dazzling Collection Fights Brexit Hate

“I feel like the whole world is turning so fucking right wing ... I think that as … people who work in the creative industry, we all need to … really fight back," said the designer.

Ashish Gupta’s shows are usually a phantasmagorical display of sartorialism, with sequined splendor and kaleidoscopic color. But his platform at London Fashion Week this season was a tad more somber.

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With a collection titled “Bollywood Bloodbath,” the British-Indian designer wanted to bring attention to post-Brexit xenophobia, highlighting the resplendence of multiculturalism through his clothes and diverse cast of models.

"I wanted to celebrate Indian culture in England," Gupta told Refinery29. "I was absolutely horrified by Brexit. It broke my heart. And I wanted to make a statement about that. (I wanted to) celebrate this culture, which is so beautiful, and such an integral part of life in this country."

"After 20 years of living in this country, I felt like 'Oh, am I actually unwelcome here?' I just felt really awful about it," he told i-D backstage

The show commenced with the performance of a blind sitar player whose stirring live performance built to a crescendo as a male model emerged in a glittering golden dress, a python draped over his shoulders.

With gender fluidity a core feature, a slew of models sporting "traditional" Indian fabrics cut in "Western" silhouettes came out one by one, wearing sequined tracksuits, double denim, slip dresses and saris.

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"There was a slightly heartbroken vibe about (the collection), with the reds, pinks, and muted golds and greens. They were celebratory colors, popped in with solemn palettes," the designer said about his collection. The melancholy of the show was also displayed through tears drawn on the models’ faces.

With an all-Black model cast during his Spring/Summer 2015 show, Gupta followed in that trajectory with his casting this year as well, which included the British model of Indian descent Neelam Gill, Sri-Lankan born Londoner Suren Seneviratne, Colombian model Ricardo Dominguez and the New-York-based queer artist of West Indian descent Richie Shazam.

Commenting on the predominance of white models in the industry, he said, "I suppose it’s an artistic decision, I’m not one to comment on other people’s aesthetic or casting decisions. It’s a choice everyone is free to take, but my view is that we live in such a diverse world that I don’t understand how the view of beauty can be so narrow. I think that fashion is meant to be aspirational. If you have all white girls on the runway, what does that say about people’s aspirations? I think that’s quite shocking."

"I know it's just fashion, but I think it's really important to not just have this narrow version of beauty," he added. "I think there's such a big battle to be fought right now because I feel like the whole world is turning so fucking right wing. It really frightens me, and I think that as artists, as journalists, people who work in the creative industry, we all need to gather force and really fight back against that".

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Fashion World Honors Designer Carolina Herrera

NEW YORK – Hollywood notables such as Lucy Liu, Renee Zellweger and Seth Meyers joined the elite of New York’s fashion community on Wednesday for an event honoring Venezuelan-born designer Carolina Herrera.

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