International Film Festival of Gibara winds up with awards ceremony

The International Film Festival of Gibara wound up with the presentation of the ‘Lucía’ Awards and concerts by Polito Ibáñez, Habana Abierta and Cimafunk. The ‘Lucia’ prize has been named after the film Lucia by Humberto Solás, one of the icons of revolutionary Cuban film and the founder of the Gibara Film Festival.

The Cuban-German film Celeste García’s Extraordinary Trip by Arturo Infante won the festival’s top prizes in the categories of long fiction film and best female actress: María Isabel Díaz at the festival which for a week flooded the streets of what is known as the White City. The movie Two Fridas by Costa Rica’s Ishtra Yasin took home two awards as best direction and photography, while in the category of unpublished screenplay the jury decided to grant the ‘Lucia’ Award to the Last One by Cuba’s Amilcar Salatti. Documentary The Film Justifies Media by Juan Jacobo del Castillo was the best movie in the making.

In the categories of Animation and Video Art the prize went to the Charge from Sweden; The Cemetery is lit up by Luis Yero was chosen as best short documentary, while The Way of Santiago by Tristán Bauer took home the coveted prize as best long documentary. At the ceremony Cuban actress Adela Legrá presented the ‘Lucia’ Award of Honor to her Puerto Rican counterpart Benicio del Toro, who was very grateful for the invitation to attend the festival.

Gibara Film Festival President, actor Jorge Perugorría, opened the call for the 2020 international festival and thanked cultural institutions for their support to make this great dream of late director Humberto Solás come true, a dream which, according to Perugorría, has placed the eastern Cuban city of Gibara in the map of sites of gathering, dialogue and artistic creation.

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Iberian Cinema under Debate at Gibara Int'l Festival

Holguin, Cuba, Jul 11 (Prensa Latina) The realities of the Spanish cinema, the challenges of independent filmmakers in the distribution of their works and the importance of movie festivals were some of the issues discussed at the Gibara International Film Festival (FIC).

During the panel 'Ibero-American Cinema, filmmakers speak' held on Wednesday, Spanish guests and contestants discussed the vicissitudes of independent productions in terms of their financing and subsequent commercialization.

A question that filmmaker Carlos Marques-Marcet, a contestant in FIC with feature film 'Los dias que vendran' (The Days to Come), summarized as a kind of luck for this type of projects that talent almost always imposes itself.

Asturian Juan Caunedo -who competes with movie 'Antes de que llegue el ferry' (Before The Ferry Arrives), a Cuba-Spain co-production- highlighted the importance of Festivals like this, which make possible to promote those low-budget films.

A space of great acceptance was the opening of the project Cartelon with the exhibition '70 years of Almodovar' at the House of Culture in Gibara, which gathered the official posters of some of the most influential films of that Spanish awarded director, scriptwriter and producer.

The program of screenings for next few days will include, among others,Cuban fiction feature film El Extraordinario Viaje by Celeste Garcia (The Special Trip of Celeste Garcia), first film by director Arturo Infante; 'El camino de Santiago' (Santiago's Journey) by director Tristan Bauer; and 'Dos Fridas' (Two Fridas) by Costa Rican Ishtar Yasin.

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Films from 26 Countries Compete in Cuba's Festival of Gibara

Over 70 works from 26 countries are competing for the Lucia awards the jury of the 15th International Film Festival of Gibara will grant at the end of the event in Villa Blanca until July 13.

The list of films consists of nine feature films, 15 fiction short films, 10 animated short films, eight long documentaries, eight short documentaries, 15 unpublished scripts and nine ongoing films.

The low-cost film festival will screen 95 materials from Cuba, Germany, Argentina, Spain, Colombia, China, Kenya, the Netherlands, Iran and Russia standing out as the most represented nations.

Cuba will be present with a total of 16 films in competition, as well as including eight projects in the sections of ongoing films and unpublished screenplays.

According to Sergio Bemvenuto, one of the organizers, the event will count on selecting very high aesthetic value films; following its tradition, it will have a multicultural and interactive profile.

As the festival's novelty, Lucia de Honor award will be delivered this year having an international value and Puerto Rican actor Benicio del Toro, the Cuban director Fernando Perez and Cuban actress Daisy Granados will carried off such award.

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Gibara International Film Festival Recognizes Mirta Ibarra

Gibara, Cuba, Jul 5 (Prensa Latina) Renowned Cuban actress Mirta Ibarra received the Lucia de Honor award, given by the management of the 14th Gibara International Film Festival that is taking place today in this northeastern city of Holguin province.

The distinction honors important creators of the cinema on the island and Ibarra is one of the emblematic Cuban faces since her participation in the films, 'Strawberry and Chocolate' and 'Adorable Lies,' just to mention some.

The 14th Gibara International Film Festival takes place from July 1 to July 7, over 700 kilometers from Havana.

'This is a very atypical, multifaceted festival, and I am very happy to see all the people of Gibara participate in a film festival,' Ibarra told Prensa Latina.

The actress, a graduate of Latin American Literature at the University of Havana, dedicated the new award to the filmmakers Humberto Solas and Tomas Gutierrez Alea (alias Titon), her deceased husband.

Among her current work projects are the establishment of the Tomas Gutierrez Alea Research and Promotion Center, in Havana.

She reported that she has already found the place; the roofs are currently being repaired to safely deposit in the building the entire Titon's library, his stationery and photos.

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Gibara International Film Festival Links Several Arts in Cuba (+Photos)

Gibara, Cuba, Jul 4 (Prensa Latina) The president of the Gibara International Film Festival (FIC Gibara), Jorge Perugorria, reiterated his commitment to the continuity of Humberto Solas' work by inaugurating the event that interweaves various arts today.

Gibara or The White Crab Village, as it is also known, is located on the northeast coast of the island, 764 kilometers from Havana.

During the first gala, held at the local Jiba cinema, the Lucia de Honor Awards were given to Cuban actors Mirta Ibarra and Salvador Wood, and to filmmaker Enrique Pineda Barnet, for their life-long work.

The companies Acosta Danza and Codanza enriched with their choreographies the opening ceremony of the event, where tribute was also paid to the founder of the event, who passed away, with the screening of the documentary Humberto Solas: virtuosity and excellence, by the director Manuel Jorge.

Dedicated to childhood and adolescence, this edition features exhibitions by UNICEF, the Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry (ICAIC) and community actions by the Latin American and Caribbean Platform for the Audiovisual Universe of Children and Adolescents (UNIAL).

Projections of the classic Memoirs of Underdevelopment and Lucia by Tomas Gutierrez Alea and Humberto Solas, respectively, and performances by Benicio del Toro of Terry Gilliam's films Fear and Disgust in Las Vegas, and The Shape of Water, which won four Oscars, are among the most eagerly awaited.

Other proposals for the festival include a concert in homage to the Argentine director Eliseo Subiela, with the soundtrack of his film The Dark Side of the Heart; talks with the awardees of the 2018 Lucia of Honour; panels on gender and audiovisuals in childhood and adolescence; and the exhibition Retrospective, by the plastic artist Cosme Proenza.

The House of Culture of Gibara has already hosted a panel entitled S.O.S. Heritage: Resilience and Integrity and the opening of the exhibition entitled Nocturnal: Movie Posters.

One of the best theatre productions in the country at the moment came here from Osvaldo Doimeadios, who directed the actresses Venice Feria and Andrea Doimeadios, the latest winner of the Aquelarre 2017 Screenplay Award for this work.

The screening of the films Sergio & Serguei, co-produced by Spain, Cuba and the United States by Ernesto Daranas, and 25 hours, a US-Cuba co-production by Carlos Barba, are also among the proposals for the upcoming days of Jiba cinema.

The audience is also waiting for the concerts of Cuban singer-songwriters Polito Ibañez, Raul Paz and David Torrenz, in the Plaza da Silva, where they will alternate with Pancho Cespedes and Sintesis.

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Gibara International Film Festival Begins in Cuba

Havana, Jul 1 (Prensa Latina) A concert by Cuban singer-songwriter Silvio Rodriguez will open today the 14th Gibara International Film Festival, which will be held until July 7 in that city in the eastern province of Holguin.

The performance of the Nueva Trova Movement's founder, together with Noel Nicola and Pablo Milanes, will take place at the Plaza Da Silva of that town.

More than 40 films will compete in the event, which on this occasion is dedicated to children and adolescents.

The selection committee chose in this edition 25 works of fiction between long and short films, 16 documentaries and three animations, with a greater presence of movies coming from Europe and Latin America.

According to the President of the Festival, actor Jorge Perugorria, the proposals stand out for their variety and quality.

The rest of the program of the event is completed by theoretical spaces, conferences, concerts and exhibitions.

There will be also a special presentation of the film 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas', a 20-year-old classic starred by Puerto Rican actor Benicio del Toro and Johnny Depp.

Other guests at the festival will be Mexican actor and director Demian Bichir, Spanish filmmaker Felix Viscarret, and Cuban actress Ana de Armas.

During the event, the Lucia de Honor award will be granted to three major Cuban film artists: filmmaker Enrique Pineda Barnet, and the actors Mirtha Ibarra and Salvador Wood.

In addition, a tribute will be paid to the late filmmaker Humberto Solas, festival manager.

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Gibara Film Festival to Have Spain as Guest Country

Gibara International Film Festival will be held in the Cuban eastern province of Holguín from April 16 to 22.

The president of the event, Jorge Perugorría, defined the event as heiress of the festival created by Cuban filmmaker Humberto Solás in that eastern city of the province of Holguin, and, in that sense, promotes the interaction between the arts.

Only the name of the festival was changed to extend the spectrum of the admitted works, explained the actor, director and producer in a press conference.

Theatrical works, dance, books, photo and painting exhibitions as well as music concerts will alternate with the film program with productions from Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Canada, Argentina, Bolivia, Italy, Nicaragua and Brazil, among other countries.

The competing categories are fiction feature film, fiction short film, documentary feature film, documentary short film and cinema under construction.

This last section includes from unpublished scripts to works in the post-production period, in both genres and films.

Prestigious figures of the audiovisual and the arts of Cuba and the world will integrate the jury of each category, and honorary Lucia Awards will be granted to Adela Legrá and Eslinda Núñez, the two living actresses of the three who starred in the film of the same name, considered a classic of Cuban cinema.

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