Fireworks Explosion Kills 24 in Teultepec, Mexico

Teultepec, in the State of Mexico, the scene of mortal and recurring pyrotechnic accidents, is today the image of the tragedy, after the death of at least 24 people for explosions ripped through firework workshops occurred yesterday.

Among those killed are state and municipal police officers and firefighters, as well as civilians and five strangers.

More than 40 injured, nine of them in serious condition, are hospitalized and it is not ruled out that the number of deaths will continue to grow.

President Enrique Peña Nieto sent his condolences to the relatives of the victims, while authorities are studying the temporary closure of the pyrotechnics workshops to assess the security measures.

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Against All Odds: López Obrador, President of Mexico

The fraud intents, neither the fear campaign, nor the killing of political leaders could prevent him as in the two previous elections that the left-wing leader Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) were elected President in the general elections of last Sunday in Mexico.

Before making official the results – to be known next Wednesday 4th - and only ten minutes after the closing of the voting, something unusual happened: the official candidate, José Antonio Meade, from the Institutional Revolutionary Party (IRP), admitted that the results didn't favor him. The opposite happened to López Obrador who within a long period of five months will begin his office, which will extend up to 2024.

Something similar did Ricardo Anaya later, candidate for the conservative National Action Party (NAP) who finished second, and the independent Jaime Heliodoro Rodríguez, a.k.a. El Bronco.

Nevertheless, AMLO waited for the results shown by the trends that assured him the victory to proclaim it, and he celebrated before dozens of thousands of followers in El Zocalo Theater of the capital, after the headquarters of his electoral campaign expressed they will mainly fight corruption, because this was the root of all other evils, they would address all of them, mainly to the indigenous peoples of Mexico.

Although the voting is incomplete, it assured López Obrador’s victory who always supported non-violence elections and that cooperate to the necessary national understanding, which includes fighting corruption.

He thanked the attitude of president Peña Nieto in this elections, as well as the press which before was characterized as an open war against him. “I want to go down into history as a good President of Mexico and praise the greatness of our Homeland”, he said.

Off the record the 63,8% of voters participated. AMLO obtained 53,89% of votes; Anaya, 22,8%; Meade, 16,3%, and El Bronco, 5,5%.

The victory has greater impact because not for an instant has stopped the political violence and the forced disappearance, with regrettable outcome, among other things, 133 political killings, even in the voting day, when armed groups even stole several urns.

The National Electoral Institute, nevertheless, affirmed that only 14 electoral colleges could not open, it mentioned the transparency of elections that presented facts like the late opening of colleges and the gathering of voters in front of them; the debatable determination that houses could act as electoral colleges; the overtly buying of votes by members of the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party to residents from the poorest neighborhoods, the protests of several citizens who could not vote due to shortage of electoral material.

In general, not only the presidency was at stake, but also the positions of 128 senators, 500 deputies, and the local authorities, among them eight governors, 972 delegations, 1 596 city councils, 184 municipal boards and 16 mayoralties, among them that of the capital, Mexico City.

These results will eventually go public, and they are key for the good performance of the Board, although it transcended that AMLO’s followers control most of it.


In an interview granted in Axtla de Terrazas, Andrés Manuel López Obrador advanced that the new Plan for Development 2018-2024 was elaborated by 200 experts, among professionals from all sectors, academics, managers, intellectuals and members of the civil society who have worked for months.

He clarified that most of those who elaborated the plan are not militant of the National Regeneration Movement (MORENA for its acronym in Spanish), although they do belong to the other group Together we’ll Make History, but they accepted and he invited citizens to know on Monday November 20th the details of the plan.

About the negotiation of the Free Trade Treaty, Andrés Manuel López Obrador considered that the Mexican government has to diversify the foreign commerce, “not putting all eggs in one basket, we need to diversify our international relationships, but without submission to anyone”, he added.

The president of the National Executive Committee of MORENA proposed that they have to seek commercial relationships and of cooperation for development with all countries of the world, to keep the relationship with the United States and attempt to keep the Free Trade Treaty.

On the other hand, López Obrador informed that the MORENA’s candidates don't have prior criminal records, he manifested that communities will be protected, the destruction of the territory, and the contamination of waters, won't be allowed and the environment will be protected.

He made a commitment that no foreign company will come to step on the dignity of Mexicans.

About his project on security, López Obrador indicated that first there should be some work done, attention to the youths and well-being so to attain that security.

López Obrador said that “we have to come together to achieve the domestic transformation”, and he informed that his commitment is “to end corruption in the country and I will keep all my promises as I did as Chief of Government of Mexico City, and for that reason the people in Mexico City keep supporting me.”

He added that in the last two elections, MORENA has been the party with more votes in Mexico City and “it’s precisely as they know me, they know I keep my promises.”

This is part of the commitments of AMLO, a man who is making history in the needed Mexico. We will have to keep writing about him.

Cubasi Translation Staff / Amilkal Labañino Valdés

Cuban President congratulates new President of Mexico

The Cuban president, Miguel Diaz Canel, sent a congratulation message to the president-elect of Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

Pedro Nunez Mosquera, Cuban ambassador to Mexico, reported the news in his Twitter account.

Diaz Canel joined other heads of state who congratulated the candidate of the coalition Juntos Haremos Historia. Lopez Obrador celebrated a resounding victory in his tenacity for the presidency.

Lopez Obrador’s first words, after the National Electoral Institute confirmed his irreversible superiority in the voting, were headed to the leaders and international organizations that congratulated him.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz / CubaSi Translation Staff

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Brazil v Mexico: Five-time winners must overcome El Tri persistence to keep World Cup bid alive

Despite a slow start to the tournament Brazil are beginning to look like serious contenders to win the World Cup for a sixth time but a dogged Mexico side who have surpassed expectations so far in Russia stand in their way.

A less-than-impressive 1-1 draw with Switzerland in their opening game at Russia 2018 suggested that Brazil hadn’t quite exorcised the ghosts from their humiliating exit at the semi-final stage four years ago when the hosts capitulated to Germany on home soil but two successive 2-0 wins, achieved against Costa Rica and Serbia, suggests that Brazil coach Tite is close to having his side fire on all cylinders.

Mexico, meanwhile, began their World Cup campaign with an impressive 1-0 reverse of Germany and followed that up with another win against South Korea. The 3-0 defeat which followed against Sweden in their final group game will be a concern for the momentum of Juan Carlos Osorio’s side in advance of the crunch match with one of the tournament’s favourites.

The sheer range of talent that Brazil have at their disposal is enough to cause calamity to any backline they face in Russia this summer. However, the displays from the Brazilian playmaker-in-chief Neymar will be a concern to Brazilian supporters.

The PSG man has appeared over-anxious so far in the World Cup, the massive weight of expectation placed on him by an expectant public seems to have robbed him of the carefree creativity which exists when he is at his effervescent best.

Mexico, on the other hand, appear to be far more than the sum of their parts. Javier Hernandez will be a constant threat up front, while Hirving Lozano in another who has enhanced his reputation with a series of stellar performances so far at Russia 2018.

The absence of central defender Hector Moreno, one of the team’s primary defensive stalwarts, will hit Mexico hard, particularly if they attempt to harry and press Brazil high up the pitch, a tactic which has proven effective for them so far in Russia but can leave unoccupied space in front of Guillermo Ochoa’s goal.

A likely quarter final encounter with Belgium, should they overcome Japan in their round of 16 clash, is the prize which awaits the winner of Monday’s tie in the Samara Arena.

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Claudia Sheinbaum Is 1st Elected Woman Mayor of Mexico City

Mexico City has elected a woman mayor for the first time in history, local politician and scientist Claudia Sheinbaum, according to exit polls.

Sheinbaum, 56, won the election to lead North America's most populous city with between 47.5 and 55.5 percent of the vote, according to an estimate by polling firm Mitofsky.

Sheinbaum surged into office on the coattails of the anti-establishment leftist who looks likely to win the presidential race, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. She was among the first politicians to leave Mexico's establishment left-wing party, the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD), and join Lopez Obrador's breakaway, Morena, when he formally launched it in 2014.

The following year, she won an election for district mayor of Mexico City's Tlalpan neighborhood, Lopez Obrador's own district and one of the 16 "delegations" that make up the sprawling capital of more than nine million people. That was her launchpad for her mayoral campaign.

Her district was one of the areas hardest hit by the earthquake that devastated central Mexico on Sept. 19 2017, when a private elementary school in the district collapsed, killing 19 children and seven adults inside.

A group of victims' families brought criminal charges against her after it had emerged the district government had granted dodgy construction permits to the private school's owner — who is today on the run from the law, and they want Sheinbaum to face charges. Sheinbaum vehemently denies responsibility, and accuses her opponents of exploiting the tragedy for political gain.

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AMLO Wins Mexico's Presidential Elections with 53%

The country's election board said the center-left candidate has won the elections with a wide lead. 

The leftist candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador won the presidency of Mexico Sunday with at over 53 percent of the vote, according to a preliminary quick count released by the electoral authority INE.

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In his first public speech after the quick count was published, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador addressed his supporters from his campaign headquarters at the Hilton Hotel in Mexico City's and said he will combat and punish corruption, even if he has to go after his own partners in the struggle.

“The transformation we will carry out will basically consist on kicking out corruption from our country. We won't have any problem with this because the people of Mexico are the heir of great civilizations and is smart... corruption is not a cultural phenomena, but the result of a decadent political regime,” he said.

AMLO is running on an anti-corruption political platform and hopes to recover 10 percent of the national budget by combating it.

“A good judge starts in his own home,” he added. He said there will be deep changes, but always respectful of legal order.

“There will be entrepreneurship, expression and belief freedom. Every individual and social guarantee will be respected,” said Obrador, who also promised the central bank will be autonomous and there will be no naturalization.

Regarding migration, the new government will try to strengthen the internal market, to produce what the country consumes, and do everything necessary so Mexicans can stay, work and be happy in their place of origin.

“Whoever wants to migrate he should do it out of pleasure and not out of necessity,” he said.

After his short speech at the Hilton Hotel, Lopez Obrador headed to El Zocalo, Mexico's largest square, where he addressed thousands of supporters gathering there since polls stations started closing.

He said his government will be a transition period for a new era in Mexico's history and that his government will always stay close to the people.

"I will do another tour of the country as president-elect. There will not be a divorce now that we won and we’re forming a government. No, this is the government of the people, for the people and by the people," he said at Zocalo.

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Shortly after the official preliminary results began rolling out, the right-wing candidates Ricardo Anaya, from the National Action Party (PAN), Jose Antonio Meade, from the Revolutionary Institutional Party (PRI) and the independent Jaime Rodriguez “El Bronco,” conceded defeat in the presidential race.

With only 0.3 percent of the ballots counted, the candidate and head of the National Renewal Party (Morena) has 46.49 percent of the votes and some exit polls gave him more than 50 percent of the voting preference.

"I wish the best of luck for the new government, for the well being of our country that deserves to be ruled with responsibility. I'll take a few days to reflect on my future, but be certain I'll keep working for a better Mexico," said Meade in front of his supporters as he recognized AMLO's unstoppable lead.

“No democracy works without democrats. That's why I tell Mexicans today the result's information we have now favors Andres Manuel,” said Anaya. An official, non-conclusive quick count will be published by 11 p.m., Mexico City's time.

After the announcement, Current President Enrique Peña Nieto congratulated the 64-year veteran politician and offered him support to make an orderly and efficient transition.

Lopez Obrador will take office on Dec. 1.

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More Than 40,000 Women Candidates in Mexican Elections

More than 40,000 women appear today as candidates for the July 1 elections in Mexico, and they did not escape from the violence which accompanied the electoral process.

A political-electoral reform in 2015 led to gender parity in the nominations of political parties, but it is in these elections that it is applied more rigorously.

Therefore, for the first time, 40,162 women will be candidates for different federal and state positions, which announces that women could have a greater political and state presence.

Only one woman currently holds the position of governor, out of 32; in the Chamber of Representatives that was dismissed, they reached 42 percent and 25 percent in the Senate.

In the country's 2,68 municipalities, there are barely 339 women mayors, and in the state of Campeche all the municipalities are taken over by men.

Mexican women politicians are also the target of organized crime groups, who are credited with the majority of the 133 murders that marked the election campaign.

17 women candidates have been executed since September, and the Simone de Beauvior Leadership Institute (ILSB) has recorded 49 cases of gender-based political violence.

However, the Special Prosecutor's Office for Electoral Offences (FEPADE) has dealt with barely less than a dozen investigation files in this regard.

From 2012 to August 2017, Fepade recorded 187 cases of political aggression against women.

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AMLO Increases Lead in Mexico's Presidential Polls

Already Mexico’s favorite to win next Sunday’s presidential elections, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) has increased his lead in the polls by 0.5 percentage points since last month, according to the Consulta Mitofsky polling firm.

The poll, which was released on Sunday, showed former Mexico City mayor AMLO had 37.7 percent of voter support. Meanwhile, his closest rival Ricardo Anaya, from the center-right National Action Party (PAN) and coalition For Mexico to the Front, fell 0.3 points to 20 percent since May. Consulta Mitofsky surveyed some 1,000 voters from June 16-19.

Candidate of the ruling conservative Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), Jose Antonio Meade, who remains the third most popular contender, rose to 17.7 percent from 17.1 percent last month.

While controversial independent contestant, Jaime Rodriguez, fell one-tenth of a point in this month’s polls to 3.1 percent of support.

The presidential election is on July 1.

This is AMLO’s third presidential race. The frontrunner was runner-up in both the 2006 and 2012 elections. After his most recent defeat, AMLO departed from the left-of-center Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) to form the National Regeneration Movement (MORENA) in 2012. Analysts say the new party is on track to become the biggest Congressional bloc after the general elections.

MORENA has entered electoral pacts with the smaller leftist Labor Party (PT) and the conservative, religious Social Encounter Party (PES). PRI and PAN members have even defected from their traditional parties to join AMLO's MORENA.

In the northeastern border state of Tamaulipas, where the PRI and PAN have been popular for decades, many candidates who are formerly of these two traditionally dominant parties will represent MORENA.

A candidate for mayor in Reynosa, Tamaulipas' biggest city, is a former PAN member who served in the state congress. MORENA also has mayoral contenders, all ex-PRI members, running across Nuevo Laredo, Matamoros and Tampico.

Lopez Obrador has vowed to root out corruption and violence, for which the PRI is widely blamed. Last year state prosecutors arrested a former PRI Tamaulipas governor for co-operating a major drug cartel - Gulf cartel.

AMLO has also pledged to raise the minimum wage, increase access to higher education and take the military off the streets, a measure which was codified by the current Enrique Peña Nieto administration in 2017.

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