U.S. Singer Madonna Confirms Recording of New Album

U.S. female singer Madonna confirmed here today that she is now working on a new album that will be in circulation soon this year.

The U.S. artist revealed to magazine Vogue Italy she is now living in Lisbon, Portugal, and her life there has influenced this new album a lot. The work will be released at the end of the year.

'I have met impressive musicians and I have worked with many of them in my new album, so Lisbon has a great influence in my music and work,' said the U.S. singer.

She confessed that it is impossible for her to spend a year in Portugal without being influenced by the Portuguese music.

Three years after her latest album, 'Rebel Heart' (2015), the 'queen of pop', as the artist is also known, arrives with this material on which she has not yet provided details.

Madonna, who turns 60 on August 16, has sold more than 300 million albums throughout her career, setting the world record for the most successful and best-selling solo artist of all times.

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