Chile announced inclusion of the crime of torture in the Criminal Code

Featured Chile announced inclusion of the crime of torture in the Criminal Code

Minister of Justice of Chile, José Antonio Gómez announced Thursday the addition of torture Chilean Penal Code is recognizing that an outstanding debt of the country in the framework of the International Day against Torture.

“As a state of Chile have weaknesses, shortcomings and we have no doubt outstanding commitments unfulfilled. Such is the case of torture, which is not a crime,” Gomez said.

“It’s a task that will impose us to develop, which means ultimately that is described in our Penal Code, in our law, what this offense is atrocious,” he continued.

He also announced Gómez that the National Human Rights Institute (NHRI), an independent body, may act against acts of torture in democracy and a National Plan on Human Rights that the issue be addressed by society will develop.

“Chile must urgently implement the National Mechanism for the Prevention of Torture (MNPT), as it is a way to move decisively towards the eradication of this practice,” he said on his part the director of the NHRI, Lorena Fries.

The announcement took place in an activity in the Museum of Memory on Day Against Torture, at which the “Dialogues Citizens for Justice” where numerous human rights organizations were invited began.At the United Nations (UN) for a message on the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, the diplomat from Antigua and Barbuda, John Ashe, regretted that the planet many men, women and children suffer the horrendous crime.

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