Not all that glitters in gold, but this is a spectacular environment (+ PHOTOS)

Featured Not all that glitters in gold, but this is a spectacular environment (+ PHOTOS)

Even though the sea is commonly associated to a big blue, this is not the only color that boasts the splendid underwater nature. The use of avant-garde lighting kits is essential these days in order to restore the original color of imaged objects.

This is the raison d'être of Daniel Perez Hernandez, submarine photographer, a man skilled enough to take full-colored pictures so people know better all the treasures hidden in deep waters. And all this is greater than mermaids and legends of privateers’ ships with abandoned spoils.


This man was born in Matanzas. He tried with birds but pictures did not call his attention. The sea has won his love from some years now. He feels, five meters under the water, like another fish.

The sports discipline has different categories; namely, underwater photographs, macro and fishes. Daniel has won all of them, but he prefers fish, the hardest one. This is an attractive, but troubling category.

foografia subacuatica

He usually competes along with his wife Neysi Hernandez Ravelo, his leading model for the environmental photos. A human figure models underwater so viewers can have an idea of the different element proportion that can be enjoyed in deep waters.

His favorite place, Bay of Pigs, his first experience with the sea and where conservation and coral shapes are more beautiful than Camaguey’s coral reef —one of the most important in the world— but it has plain seabed with lots of sea fans and gorgonians.

foografia subacuatica2

Underwater photographers usually compare things. Therefore, I also dive in other places of the Cuban geography such as Maria la Gorda in Pinar del Rio, with clear waters and a varied number of fishes, and Los Indios, in the Isle of Youth.

Daniel, also diving instructor at Playa Giron Hotel, South of Matanzas, admires other Cuban photographers like Nelson Lopez, from Mundo Latino magazine and one of his main opponents.


The current champion of underwater photography treasures 64 national and international awards. Thus, he is the most awarded photographer of the country.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz / Cubasi Translation Staff

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