Trump Is Wrong about Cuba, Mexican Press Highlights

Featured Trump Is Wrong about Cuba, Mexican Press Highlights

Mexico's media outlets are addressing today Cuba''s response to the announcement by US President Donald Trump of going back in relations with the island.

Analysts estimate that the president's maneuver would bring economic, isolation and security problems for the United States instead of benefits since Cuba will not compromise and national affairs are not negotiated.

El Economista says the United States is resorting to hostile rhetoric by reversing the policy of rapprochement initiated by Barack Obama and recalls that the blockade was a failure before the world reality.

By its part, El Universal relates that Trump is wrong about Cuba and brands as uncertain US foreign policy.

The Excélsior says that the United States' tough hand with Cuba is returning, and includes a note from the Mexican government that asks the top authorities of both countries to resolve the differences with the dialogue.

Cuba's response is highlighted by El País. The American tycoon's strategy is doomed, it warns.

It analyzes the virtues of Obama's approach, which had recognized Cuba's independence, sovereignty and self-determination, and the Cuban government in a civilized coexistence relationship.

The Web 20Minutos headlines: Cuba reacts and rejects measures announced by Trump: they will not achieve their purpose of weakening the Revolution or bending the Cuban people.

The television and radio media also gave wide coverage to the declaration of Cuba on the aggressive decision of the US president to reverse the advances in the relations between both nations.

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