Yipsy does not get nostalgic

Featured Yipsy does not get nostalgic

We are used to imagine that high-performance athletes get nostalgic about competing. We are used to believe such instinct for being in the spotlight never vanishes.

Nonetheless, this is not the case of former hammer thrower Yipsy Moreno —she is now executive member of the Cuban delegation attending to the 2017 IAAF World Championship being held in London.

“I don´t get nostalgic. I feel proud and happy because several people met and remembered me with respect and joy when I got here.”

“And that is the greatest pleasure. It happens as I am reaping the rewards of every sacrifice I have made,” Yipsy confessed with a smile, distant to that face filled with tears with which she said goodbye at the very same Olympic Stadium five years ago.

She now recalls it with a very different perspective even though she is as nervous as the first time. She thanks the possibility of supporting athletes with her advices amid an already experienced environment.

“Being on their shoes allows me to know what they are feeling or even detect something they cannot express. I am well aware that a simple phrase can help,” Yipsy stated.

She has a record of three world championship titles and an Olympic gold medal after a series of doping scandals unleashed.

She now recalls that feeling behind the news. “Life rewarded me. Life brought all my sacrifice back.”

But the talking returned to her job, where she works as hard as anyone.

“I am enjoying this new experience. I like it because I am still feeling those butterflies in my stomach as I felt every time I was competing. I really thought I would never feel such emotion again.”

“That emotion that made me great as I felt honored to represent my country. I feel great by contributing to the success of sports in Cuba.”

She has temper and she is eloquent, but serenity also spring up from her, as her perennial smile.

“I say to the boys and girls that they should feel and believe they are the best every time they go out there. If they do not, it is not worthy then.”

“We are all the same. We all love each other. But each of them has their responsibility in the field,” she noted while walking towards the warming track, enjoying her new job.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz / CubaSi Translation Staff

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