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Wilber Perez urges Pirates “to fight hard from day 1”

Featured Wilber Perez urges Pirates “to fight hard from day 1”

The Isle of Youth’s pitcher is playing for second time in a row at the Federal A-Series from Italy. And he follows the performance of the Pirates here in the recently started National Series of Baseball.

Wilber Perez is playing this season for the Paterno Red Sox and has a record of 7-2.

CubaSi talked to the Cuban hurler via social networks on the special features of the Italian league and the differences with our league.

“We are entirely devoted to baseball in Cuba since we have a contract. Here, some boys study or work and they go in full-training mode once they finish their tasks. Games are only played on weekends. However, we should improve in certain things that they do here much better than us. The strike zone here is more vertical. In Cuba, pitchers rather work the horizontal strike zone. Most hitters prefer hitting in deep pitching counts while hitters in Cuba try to hit the ball early in the count.”

Any message for the Isle of Youth’s players in this National Series of Baseball?

I would urge them to play hard from day one so they could finish in the top 4 or at least, fight for the wild cards. I am following their games and as soon as I end the season here, I will play for them once again for sure. I also ask the manager to trust the players because they will always play to qualify for the second round.

And to the fans?

I ask the fans to firmly support the Pirates even though they play away. I send greetings to all Cuban fans and especially my family.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz // CubaSi Translation Staff

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