Miami anti-Cuban mafia drafted Trump’s new Cuba regulations

Featured Miami anti-Cuban mafia drafted Trump’s new Cuba regulations

According to Thursday’s digital version of the pro-government daily of Miami’s anti-Cuban mafia, The Miami Herald, a group of Florida senators and lawmakers stated their disappointment because of the soft hand shown by Washington’s bureaucrats in implementing the new regulations of the Trump administration against Cuba.

Thus The Miami Herald lets to know, the critical responses from Sen. Marco Rubio and lawmaker Mario Díaz Balart to the implementation of the regulations, which will be implemented starting today, were particularly striking because both legislators “help draft Trump’s directive at the Oval Office in June.”

Add to this that Marco Rubio, whom everyone signals as the main designer of Trump’s Cuba policy, let to know in a communiqué: “Unfortunately, the bureaucrats of the State Department, who oppose the president’s Cuba policy rejected to fully implement it when they omitted from the Cuba Restricted List, several entities and subentities that are controlled by or act on behalf of the Cuban military, intelligence and security services.”

For his part, Díaz Balart pointed out on that regard he was “disappointed because the regulations do not fully implement what the president ordered. It’s clear that bureaucrats who support the former government’s Cuba policy continue to undermine President Trump.”

Taking into account the opinion of these annexionists, who call themselves defenders of the liberties and human rights of the Cuban people from their seats in the Congress of the United States and under the aegis of the US flag, the implemented regulations are too soft regarding the spirit of those drafted by them at the presidential office.

The representatives of the anti-Cuban mafia are dissatisfied because the regulations do not prevent trade with more Cuban tourist companies. Hence, Ileana Ros Lethinen stated her disappointment too, because the new regulations made no exceptions with Cuba’s private sector, which according to her, is also controlled by the State.

Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamin / Cubasi Translation Staff

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