Cuba is a destination with new opportunities

  • Written by Luz Marina Fornieles Sanchez // ACN Special for CubaSi
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Featured Cuba is a destination with new opportunities

In its quest to transcend in its entertaining proposals, Cuba introduces itself to the world with a series of programs and options that lead to believe this is a destination that boasts much more than beaches.

Cuba, as its people, is authentic; attractive as its beaches; awesome like its cities; different as its nature, and admirable like its culture. Cuba summarizes richness.

With its diverse, mixed races, styles, rhythms, scents, and flavors, this magical archipelago enamored you with its charm and spread its attraction around the world.

The Greatest of Antilles, tourist destination par excellence in the Caribbean region, treasures a large number of spaces to develop different modalities in the entertaining industry. Despite the huge burden of the US blockade, everything has been fostered in the last decade. After a brief thawing in the US-Cuba relation with President Barack Obama, President Trump has now reversed all the process.

Nonetheless, promoting its most solid offers in packages related to sun and beaches, the island adds to its already wide portfolio of initiatives, some programs that translate into adventures to those who trust in their proposals. There is an important number of Americans interested, but they must comply with one of the twelve categories authorized by the White House. Cuba is still a destination banned for US visitors.

This island has more than 300 km of beaches. Not to mention the awesome products you can find in the keys, with seductive places, as you once dreamed.

Cayo Santa Maria is certainly trendy these days. The 37th International Tourism Fair FITCUBA will be held here in May 2018. This heavenly islet is part of Villa Clara’s keys —destination hugely affected by hurricane Irma last September— but fully restored for the present peak season (November-April) to remember.

Lush nature, antique traditions go hand in hand in a more than 110,000 km2, with almost 1,800 km2 of coasts, which has encouraged cruisers lines to become more common.

Yet, after the search of diverse offers; namely, modern and old cities, culture, architecture, heritage, incentives and conventions, navigation, fishing, health tourism, ecotourism, circuits…It is still sun and beaches the visitors’ preference.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz / CubaSi Translation Staff

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