Havana and Cubans’ Promenade (+ Photos)

Featured Havana and Cubans’ Promenade (+ Photos)

Prado’s promenade does not only belong to Havana’s citizens, but to Cubans’ in general. The Promenade inspires songwriters. It is shelter for those in love; a perfect site for resting.

It starts its course in a straight line. It is born at the sea gates, below the shades of El Morro, and leads you to the center of Havana. It certainly converges with other emblematic places such as the majestic Capitol, the Great Theater of Havana; and ancient Inglaterra Hotel.

At the beginning or the end, according to the location, you may find a beautiful plaque summarizing its history:

“The ‘New Promenade’ or ‘Alameda de Extramuros’ (Outside Boulevard) was built by Captain General Marques de la Torre in 1772 and successively improved during the19th and the 20th centuries with the purpose of providing rest and entertainment to citizens of Havana. It had different names: Isabel II Avenue and now Marti Avenue, but the name The Promenade is the most popular.”

Here you have some pictures of the daily life of a place where you can find something new every day.

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Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz / CubaSi Translation Staff

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