Trump-Immigrants: Guaranteeing Deportation

Featured Trump-Immigrants: Guaranteeing Deportation

The current U.S. administration lead by Donald Trump is giving specific orders to immigration officials to deny most of applications on this regard and guarantee the greater number of deportations.

Inconsistent, controversial, and unstable could qualify exactly the president of the United States, Donald Trump, if we look at his changing statements, always pejorative about Russia, China, Syria, Iran and the Popular Democratic Republic of Korea. These statements are fixed and obsessive about the wall along the Mexican border, for which he already accepts millionaire amounts from rich xenophobic people and he deploys troops of the National Guard in the states that cross the large wall.

The true purpose behind Trump´s decision of deploying 2000-4000 troops of the National Guard in the U.S.-Mexico border is to mobilize soldiers to guard improvised military detention camps or take off the burden from Customs and Border Protection agents so that they carry on with their jobs.

Since last April 9th immigrants are being arrested indefinitely, while military support is given to the repressive action, a large-scale incarceration that did not happen since President Franklin Delano Roosevelt ordered the confinement of Japanese and North American of Japanese origin during World War II.

The new policy is part of a general campaign of terror of Trump´s republican administration, with the complicity of the democrats. On Thursday 12th, Immigration and Customs officers raided a meatpacking plant in rural Tennessee, resulting in 97 immigrants arrested, in the largest single workplace raid in a decade.

The note of Trump’s administration will expand exponentially the group of immigrants internment camps scattered throughout the Southwest of the United States. It demands the General District Attorney and the Department of National Security "to assign all available legally resources to build, operate, control or modify—or establish contracts to build, operate, control or modify—facilities to detain immigrants for immigration law violations in or near the United States borders."

No leader of the presumably opponent Democratic Party has shown his rejection to the memo. In March, democrats united joined republicans to pass a bill of expenses for 1,3 trillion dollars that includes a resolution that grants Trump the power to expand the system of immigrants jails "as necessary to guarantee the detention of foreigners with deportation priority".

This is nothing new, because Trump requested in January 2017 the end of what he called "catch and release" immigration policy. This is, in fact, a basic principle of the due process. Immigrants who are interviewed by a customs officer should demonstrate a “credible fear” of returning to their country of origin, which allows them to live in the U.S., while their deportation procedures are carried out in the administrative court.

The overwhelming majority of immigrants who cross the U.S.–Mexico borders are hard-working men who have never committed a felony and seek refuge from their desolated countries ravaged by years of imperialistic exploitation and dictators and death squads supported by the United States.

But none of this matters to the Empire whose current administration lead by Donald Trump is giving specific orders to immigration officials to deny most applications on this regard and guarantee the greater number of deportations. Through credible fear interviews agents commit fraud, fabricate testimonies, destroy documents and belongings of immigrants and force them to sign documents that haven’t been read. Thus, deportation is guaranteed.

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