Is the explosive Trump case intensifying?

Featured Is the explosive Trump case intensifying?

The Italian news agency ANSA disclosed on Wednesday in Washington that the President lied about his personal health.

During the 2016 electoral campaign, Donald Trump ordered his then personal physician, Harold Bornstein, to certify that “the Republican candidate was in the best of health.”

The above-mentioned, among other testimonies given by the physician, was released by the CNN.

The professional also made known that back in February his office in Manhattan was raided by two men working for the President extracted all of his clinical data.

Bornstein ratified the CNN that Trump was the one who wrote his own health letter, not him.

And he added that the text included “the healthiest individual ever elected in the White House.”

If it would still be necessary —it is not, really— to prove the current President of the United States is a fraud, here you have a resounding proof.

Let’s not forget that his broad list of fallacies has spread all over Washington and other places of the world through different media.

A recent example is that he was reported by FORBES journalist Jonathan Greenberg, when Trump notified false figures on his personal income.

He, indeed, has been involved in several scandals and public accusations filed by models from some “hot” magazines. He would even try to buy their silence with money.

In this context, Donald Trump —son of a former member of the Ku Klux Klan and confessed racist— has accused Cuba and Venezuela of violating the human rights and lack of freedom.

On Wednesday, eighteen Republican Congressmen wrote a letter to the Nobel Peace Prize suggesting the President of the United States as the candidate for 2019.

As we may read in a classic novel of world literature: Weird things you’ll see, my Cid!

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz / CubaSi Translation Staff

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