You never know when it happened

Featured You never know when it happened

The Mother´s Day is a great day to reflect and express gratitude. The fifth of the total population of Cuba is older than 60 years old in Cuba. Being mother and son have special significance here.

Until a certain age, we the moms take care of everything regarding our children. We take care of the clothes they wear, the things they eat, or the time they go to sleep.

If they are hurt, we try to cure them and we even feel pain as well. If they succeed, we feel proud as if they were granted the Nobel Peace Prize. We also get angry if a girl breaks a date with our boy.

But it all comes to an end. You never know when it happened. Your boy flies the nest without a prior warning.

Perhaps it happened in that 7th grade party when he got home at 3 o’clock in the morning instead of the previously agreed 1 am.

Everything happens all of a sudden. You realize your boy is not a child anymore. And you do not want to acknowledge it. As long as your boy is a child, we can guide him and therefore, avoid him some troubles and tears.

But sooner than later, our child leaves the nest almost forever.

And there is no clock or telephone calls to stop them. Afterwards, you realize your questions begin to pile up and you receive no answers for them.

The subject of any conversation varies now. Topics that found common grounds before —girlfriends— are almost banned since “nothing pleases you.”

As time passes by, our children are the ones who start taking care of us. It occurs in a nation where fifth of the total population exceeds the 60 years old. Cuba is one of the most ageing countries in Latin America.

You never know when it began. But you will see yourself as the daughter of your son. And you will feel and fell in his arms; the very same arms that hugged you not so long before.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz / CubaSi Translation Staff

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