Carlos Acosta, joy and swing

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Featured Carlos Acosta, joy and swing

He was known as the Cuban Nijinsky in the pinnacle of his career. His body, in full possession of the technique, was the classic or romantic character he embodied. His national and international awards, his journey throughout several international ballet companies as well as his return to Cuba with major projects speak volumes about him. Nonetheless, there is also a personal tale narrated in a recently shot movie about him.

Raised in the neighborhood of Los Pinos, in Havana, he played soccer and loved breakdancing as any other boy at the time. Going to school and learned was not among his priorities. However, life was good to him. His father knew about his son’s skills and guided, disciplined him to face the challenge of everyday life. A father who, defying the surrounding male chauvinism, knew how to calculate and decide the best for his son.

It should have been tough for him when his friends knew what he was going to study. I believe —I have not read his biography yet— he did his best to explain to them how much sacrifice, effort, and concentration his career would demand.

Sports and dance share the communicating vessels of the strict discipline of a mind that must be developed with the purpose of gaining concentration and courage, expression of beauty every time the body is pushed to the limit.

His training made him the perfect partner. His technique helped him to make such impressive jumps. The strength, stability, and beauty of his spins had the determination inherited from the static axis of the father.

Acosta does not want to keep his past and present glory for him. He wants to do something with all these spiritual gains. He wants to give life everything back. That is why he created his dance school two years ago; a school receptive of all dance styles and techniques. Acosta wants to make the most of the young talent.

Therefore, let’s welcome this biofilm on Carlos Acosta. Congratulations to the staff leading this project that is going to show the public this story of personal effort and sacrifice in one of the most demanding and brief performing art of the world.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz / CubaSi Translation Staff

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