There is no censorship in the “Free World.” Does anyone challenge me on this fact?

Featured There is no censorship in the “Free World.”  Does anyone challenge me on this fact?

Wikileaks’ founder cannot surf the Internet and no one knows when he will. Ecuadorian chancellor, Maria Fernanda Espinosa, suggested such fact last Monday. She stated that her country has not set a deadline so that Wikileaks’ founder, Julian Assange, can browse the Internet again at the Ecuador embassy, where he lives since 2012.

As we know, the activist who champions freedom of speech lost his freedom first with the political asylum, and he now loses the opportunity to exist in the Internet. According to the current government in Ecuador, the punishment is justified as he broke the agreement of not making comments on certain subjects of the international arena.

An official press release of the government led by Lenin Moreno warned that Assange’s behavior with his messages on social networks were jeopardizing Ecuador relations with the UK, the European Union, and other nations including the US. Shortly before Assange were deprived of his right to going online, he had declared he supported the Catalan independent movement and according to some news, he even “messed” with Trump’s family.

This is what we know. The new fact is that the chancellor, in statements to the AP, cleared up that “Ecuador is basically demanding a guarantee for securing its rights and welfare in the framework of respect for the international right,” and added “It is not about censorship.”

No, of course not. There is no censorship in Ecuador-like “democracies.” Censorship, as Goebbel’s repetitive story spread by some I-don’t-like-censorship media and some “naive” that still play into such media’s hand, only exists in those pro-Stalin communist regimes or “populist” dictatorships like Rafael Correa’s. By the way, Correa was labeled as a censor who pretended to limit the news monopoly of the so-called “free press” in Ecuador.

As I do not like to tire you out, I just have few example of such “imaginary” censorship. This is the case of Jose Miguel Arenas Beltran, 24 years old singer-songwriter from Palma de Mallorca, aka Valtonyc, whose whereabouts are still unknown. He was sentenced to 2 years for releasing songs in the Internet that “praised terrorism, mocked Spanish royalty, and threatened a Spaniard politician with the use of violence.”

Another story is the one related to the Spanish actor Willy Toledo. Toledo was summoned by a court in Madrid due to a message where he championed three women who were prosecuted for alleged “blasphemy” as they ran amid a procession in the streets of Sevilla with a giant vagina that read “Rebellious Pussy.”

The punishable heresy of Toledo was to write a message in the social networks that read: “I shit on God and there are enough shit to expel on the dogma of the Saintliness and the virginity of Virgin Mary.”

There is no one better to explain the absence of censorship in the “Western World Heaven” than the Nobel Prize in Literature Mario Vargas Llosa, who said when referring to the assassination of more than 100 journalists in Mexico: “There is more press freedom in Mexico than 20 years ago, no doubt. Such press freedom is responsible for the assassination of more than 100 journalists as they publish now things that were forbidden before.”

Translated by Sergio A Paneque Diaz / CubaSi Translation Staff

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