United States: Monument to Shame

Featured United States: Monument to Shame

Peter Fonda is another of the North American artists who rejects the migratory politics carried out by the commanding leader of the United States.

The son of the famous actor Henry Fonda and the brother of the actress Jane Fonda has spoken in several tweets against such behavior.

Thus informed this week the TMZ website.

In one of the tweets, already erased, Fonda wrote: We should separate Barron Trump of Melania and to put him in a cage with pedophiles."

After making a pass on Melania, he did the same with the secretary of the National Security Department, Kristjen Nielsen, saying: She should be put in a cage, ridiculed in Lafayette Square, naked and whipped by pedestrians while filmed for posterity."

The text was equally deleted.

Peter Fonda is one more in the legion of North American artists opposed to the "zero tolerance” politics.

On the other hand, the Europe Press agency in these days revealed that even Melania contradicts, in everyone’s view, the politics of separating immigrant children from their parents.

The First Lady’s spokesman, Stephanie Grisham, in declarations to the press pointed out:

“Mrs. Trump hates to see children separated from their families and expects that both parts can unite to achieve a successful immigration reformation."

And she added: "She believes we should be a country that abides all laws, but also a country that is governed with the heart."

On the topic, the political website The Hill asserted that Melania Trump’s position contradicts the current migratory politics that separates children from their parents.

At times of the recently announced "zero tolerance" by the Government, where adults who attempt to cross illegally the south border of the United States are sanctioned with jail time.

As it’s known, such a politics has been very criticized by democrats and activists of immigrants’ rights.

The digital website added that the North American Academy of Pediatrics criticized this new approach recently because it could cause an "permanent damage” to the children.

Still developing one of the saddest and shameful episodes in the history of the United States.

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