BRIEF CHRONICLE: Who said Lions enjoy the Circus?

Featured BRIEF CHRONICLE: Who said Lions enjoy the Circus?

The first stop of an urban bus (P-1) in Playa, near the Trompoloco big top, an 8 years-old boy complained about the show he had just seen.

-         — I did not like the show! There were no monkeys, lions, horses, or elephants!

-        — But there were clowns! – Her mother said.

-       —  I do not like clowns! I like tamed lions!

-       — But you have never seen a lion in a circus…

-        — Yes. I have seen them in movies and cartoons.

A woman who was nearby stated:

-        — Look, my love. There should not be tamed animals in the circus as it would be regarded as animal abuse. Animals must be respected. Who told you lions enjoy their time in the show? You have fun, ok. But I am pretty sure the lions do not.

-        — What about the poultry you breed in your house? They would not be there if they can! The lion cannot be eaten!

-        — This youth is wasted —a beaten lady just shrugged.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz / CubaSi Translation Staff

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