Effective steps sought to control smoking

Featured Effective steps sought to control smoking

Drugs take an individual from the heights of humanity to the brink of destruction. We should put individual as well as collective efforts to rid our society of this curse.

The whole nation is adversely affected by use of drugs in society, especially the personal and family lives of the drug addicts.

These views were expressed by Jutt Poultry Traders Chief Executive Ch Tahir Jutt during a media talk in connection with World Anti-Smoking Day here.

He lamented that fact that today's younger generation was destroying due to drugs. He said that the diseases, caused by smoking, were the fourth major cause of death in the world.

"Pakistan is ranked fourth in the list of countries suffering from these diseases," he said, adding that the officials concerned were bound to take solid and practical steps to control use of drugs.

He stated that the increasing trend of smoking at educational institutions as well as public places was an alarming factor.

He stressed a need to control the sale and use of e-cigarettes, tobacco and Shisha in the country.

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