The Feeling of Millions

  • Written by By Dayan Gonzalez Ramirez // Special for CubaSi
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Featured The Feeling of Millions

Eighteen days have passed since Cuba celebrated the 65th anniversary of the assault on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Barracks. Its leader, Fidel Castro Ruz, would turn 92 years old today. This is a special reason why all the world is celebrating Fidel’s life, as his revolutionary deeds made him hope and salvation for Cubans and millions of people around the world.

Jose Marti’s universality was inherited by the Commander in Chief of the Cuban Revolution. He became not only the undisputed leader of the Cuban people, but also the champion of noble and righteous causes of mankind. Under the leadership of Fidel and the bravery of the Cuban people, illiteracy was totally eradicated. Education facilities and hospitals multiplied, and Cuba carried out strong efforts to reach a high standards of social justice.

But Fidel’s legacy is not limited to Cuba. He taught his people that it was necessary to fight for its salvation. But it was also honorable to fight for others’. That is why thousands of Cubans crossed the ocean to fight side by side with their African brothers against the ignominious regime of the Apartheid. Thousands of physicians are working right now in different places of the world saving lives no matter the color of their skin, sex, age, political affiliation or religious belief. That is why Cuban professors welcome foreign students, but they also travel to other nations with avant-garde teaching methods so their citizens can learn how to learn literacy.

Cuba starts today the debates concerning the draft proposal of its new Constitution. And no better date to kick off a discussion where each Cuban citizen will decide on the future of the Homeland.

Fidel was born 92 years ago in Biran, Holguin. Fidel is the man who changed the life of millions and these millions build their present and future guided by Fidel’s teachings. He proved himself right in building a more just society despite dissimilar imperialist pressures ranging from military aggressions to a genocide blockade.

His outstanding speeches, ideas, and momentous concept of Revolution provide every Cuba in the world with a set of tools to make a better world and keep the unstoppable fighting against imperialism.

As long as there is a human being ready to fight against injustice, Fidel will be alive. And I dare to say that he will always be among us because he is the feeling of millions in the world.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz / CubaSi Translation Staff

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