“Enemies”: with no masks against Lula

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Featured “Enemies”: with no masks against Lula

On Sunday, the head of the Brazilian Army, General Eduardo Villas Boas, stated that it was impossible for militaries to accept former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva’s candidature.

Villas Boas stated it while granting an interview to O Estado de Sao Paolo.

He also weighed as an “attempt to meddle in Brazil’s internal affairs” the statement of the UN Human Rights Committee in Lula’s case.

The digital newspaper Brasil 247 believes the stance of Brazilian Army explains somehow the attitude of judges in both the Supreme Court and the Superior Electoral Court by violating the statement of such Committee on Lula.

On September 1st, the Superior Electoral Court rejected the presidential candidature of the historical leader of Brazil’s Workers Party by a majority vote.

Shortly after, the defense lawyers submitted to the Supreme Court two appeals against the decision, but both were dismissed.

In the words of the head of Brazil Army, the worst scenario for Brazil in the upcoming elections would be a candidate who could certainly “jeopardize the legitimacy, stability, and governability of a future government dividing even more the Brazilian society.”

Experts noted that his words were inappropriate especially when Brazilian institutions are going through tough times.

So it has been evident in the massive street demonstrations demanding the freedom of Lula as well as his inclusion in the upcoming presidential election as candidate to the presidency of Brazil.

When asked about the stance of the Army before a likely election of Lula as head of state in Brazil, General Villas Boas answered “the people decide at the polls.” Nonetheless, he roundly denied the possibility of the Army interfering in the elections to be held in October.

Thus, it came to light one of the piece try hard to jeopardize Lula’s rise as the leader of grateful citizens.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSi Translation Staff

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