U.S. Elections: Will anti-Trump vote prevail?

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Featured U.S. Elections: Will anti-Trump vote prevail?

Although many anticipated it that way, the criterion is not clearly unanimous.

Steffen W. Schmidt, professor of Political Science at Iowa University, claimed that the Democratic Party should not count on the Hispanic vote to tip November’s upcoming midterm election in their favor.   

Thus published Theconversation.com website on Sunday.  

Schmidt argues that the said possibility could be stimulated by the anti-immigrant policy followed by Trump.

So, Democrats try to court Latinos in red states such as Arizona and Florida.

But the professor adds that his investigation questions that a massive Latin vote tilts the balance towards Democrats.

He bases it, by way of example, through inaccurate surveys.

Steffen W. Schmidt considers that “2018 will be a sharp and significant test of Latin voter behaviour in U.S., regarding the 2016 presidential election”.

Now, the difference lies, among others, on the fact that many US Latinos and their families suffer the highly questioned migratory policy of President Donald Trump, as well as the cruelty against the young immigrants known as “Dreamers”.

The university professor warned that should the Latin vote moves away from Republicans in November, “Trump would have endangered the political future of his own party”.

Something is secure: the behaviour, generally, primitive of the head of state, has undermined the Republican Party and has turned the White House into a nasty casino of public dirty tricks.

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