The Twitter of the Cuban President

Featured The Twitter of the Cuban President

Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, Cuban president, already has an account in the social networks. Hence opening a new channel of communication to the people and with the people.

He had promised during the last X Congress of the Journalists Association of Cuba, last July 14th that he would be in Twitter before yearend, and he made good his promise.

But he didn't randomly choose the day to open his account @DiazCanelB but in fact on October 10th. It’s a decision that contains symbols and unwritten messages but within the reach of all good listeners, those who need few words:

If October 10th, 1868 was the beginning of the struggle for independence which liberal legacy ratified to keep the president yesterday, his signing in Twitter is actual one of the ways of continuing that unstoppable struggle for a better Cuba.

“... It was never so challenging and defiant the media panorama” had also commented Díaz-Canel in the congress of journalists, and before such scenario what better option than to respond to the challengers by using new technologies, the means they give privilege in this not so new land.

But although they were not created on the shores of the poor of this world, neither in the group of those who love and build, it has been impossible to constrain them, and today they also constitute a valuable arsenal for the latter.

Youths from all over the world seem to talk more using virtual channels than face to face, and those of Cuba are not the exception.

The Cuban president knows it and there are many spaces where he has spoken in his still short time in office for the good use of new technologies and the computerization of society.

If the Communication Policy, announced in the aforementioned congress of UPEC, “he declares communication as a strategic resource of the State and the government”, as the president detailed in his speech before the journalists, his first step in Twitter actually inaugurates from the top state figures in Cuba, a new modality within the necessary strategy.

He has not been the first world leader in using it, but he is the first of highest rank to make it official in Cuba.

Just as any Cuban Díaz-Canel tweets, next to the image of Cespedes’s bell - today tolling as clear as a century and half ago – his account displays the sentence “We are Cuba.”

To clear out any doubt, in his speech at Demajagua, the tweet also specified: “We are Cuba we say again remembering the bravest of warriors, the son of lions was not satisfied with the deeds of the most feared mambi boss...”

In his tweets show the desire of defense and human dignity and also the strength of Maceo. Certainly all the colors of Cuba will speak from the social network of the president because “Black, mulattos and half-breed need the country of our future as they gave glory to homeland of our honorable past”, he said.

Having a president who tweets is to have another variant to give the people power, the people who must really govern. And to do so it needs to be well informed, trained in deciding, judge, propose and criticize without fears.

Maybe the presidential tweeter becomes a landmark in the Cuban press. Not because we need to report every move of the leader in his account. In the end that is just part of the job he was chosen for.

In the end, thanks to this Cubans will know more, without middlemen, about the thoughts , and actions of our president, and, at the same time, as people, we will make him know -also without middlemen – about our thoughts, proposals, aspirations, happiness, displeasures...

Because we have seen the president travel all over the island and exchange with the people, listening, taking notes. Now, from cell phones, and tablets he will communicate with those he works for.

This interaction will be in favor of unit, the unity that encourages us in the “we are Cuba” that identifies the presidential tweeter whose first message no wonder remembers that we are "in #LaDemajagua, the place where with greatest combination of feelings he tweets #SomosCuba and #SomosContinuidad."

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