Hasn’t Nikki Haley resigned yet?

Featured Hasn’t Nikki Haley resigned yet?

Much have been said about the causes of the announced resignation of Nikki Haley, current Ambassador of the United States to the UN. It has been leaked that it is a common practice in Trump’s administration that his closest collaborators usually flee. Others say she will run for the Oval Office, or any other theory. But nobody realizes how difficult is for a human being with some sense of shame, to defend to the world such unwise U.S. foreign policy.

One of the best examples illustrating the aforementioned fact is the last embarrassing incident by the American ambassador at UNGA during the most recent voting of the resolution regarding the ongoing U.S. blockade against Cuba. The country she represents tried —with the introduction of eight amendments criticizing the lack of human rights in the island— to mislead and distort the resounding response the world gave and has given for twenty seven years to such genocide policy against the Cuban people.

But the U.S. representative shot herself in the foot once again. She had to listen to a series of undeniable truths presented by Cuba’s Foreign Affairs Minister who showed convincingly that the U.S. has no moral right to criticize Cuba on the human rights issue. She also had to withstand the condemnation to the diversionary maneuvers in the form of eight amendments that were finally dismissed, one by one, by most of the international community.

We must give credit to the ambassador for her brave impertinence in the UNGA, as she talked about the human rights of the Cuban people especially when the U.S. blockade —as Bruno Rodriguez stated— has caused the death and suffering of children. How can we talk about labor exploitation when the blockade, for more than half a century, has tried to subdue the people of Cuba through starvation and misery and is the first and foremost obstacle for its development?

Not to mention saying the U.S. is the best friend of the Cuban people. It is a weird friend that has subdued 70% of Cuban citizens for 60 years to the greatest shortage and needs. Or the U.S. believes the Cuban people is represented by the reduced group of mercenaries trained and tamed with cupcakes at the U.S. embassy in Havana. It also cynical to compare Cuba with Iran when the sole thing both are equal is the perennial media aggression and demonization by the U.S., just because both nations do not follow its rulings.

Therefore, it is not surprise that Nikki Haley feels disappointed and willing to resign. If she has a sense of shame and wisdom, she should realize that an absurd foreign policy directed from behind the scenes by “the same people who have a long history of conspiracies to trigger bilateral crisis,” only leads to failure. And we are not only making reference to the U.S. failure in the international arena, but also her own political career.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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