New Species of Dinosaur Found in Neuquen

Featured New Species of Dinosaur Found in Neuquen

Argentinean and Spanish specialists found a new species of dinosaur having lived 110 million years ago, in the Argentinean province of Neuquén, in the Patagonia, identified as the Lavocatisaurus Agrioensis, local press media specified Sunday.

According to the study of the National University of La Matanza (UNLaM), the experts were able to find trace of the species in a place where they did not hope to find anything. 'It is a herbivore dinosaur, gigantic size and of long neck ,that augments the extensive family of prehistoric inhabitants of this southern part of the Earth,' they said.

Argentinean and Spanish paleontologists worked and discovered the bone remains of three samples of this species that inhabited this nation millions of years behind.

As the specialist José Luis Carballido, of the Museum Egidio

Feruglio (MEF) of Trelew to the UNLaM, said, it is not alone a discovery, but the rare thing to find it in a place where it was not expected.

'The skull of the creature is practically complete. We also found its mouth, the jaws, a great number of teeth and bones close to the orbit of its eyes,' said the scientists.

'We could be able to make a very complete reconstruction. Of the three samples, one adult and two puppies, the elder one would have had about 12 meters high, while the others 7 or 8 meters,' they concluded.

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