The longed for "reconstruction" in Venezuela

  • Written by Daynet Rodríguez Sotomayor / CubaSí
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Featured The longed for "reconstruction" in Venezuela

Reconstruction is the favorite word of the transnational mainstream to draw the “glorious” future that awaits Venezuela. It appears daily and insistently in articles and editorials that, as good sappers, seek to pave the way of war traffickers.

The most recurring matrix shows a country destroyed for twenty years of Bolivarian Revolution, where hunger, misery and the desperation of millions prevail and where, of course, humanitarian aid is needed.

Those outlets provide data and half-truths that, in the end, are treacherous lies: a nation that lost half of its GDP in the last four years, apparently by magic, because they forget to mention the blockade and the continued economic war against Venezuela –as part of a major war of attrition– that freezes financial assets, manipulates oil prices, excludes the country from its natural markets, incentivizes terrorist acts against productive centers and causes shortage.

And they hide what the Bolivarian process has made all these years, and continues to do even in adverse circumstances: to place the human being as a core, to share wealth, to carry out development plans, to build millions of houses, to create social, sporting, cultural and educational missions…. They mention the need to rescue PDVSA, which has diminished half of its production capacity. But someone middlingly informed knows that the oil company, driving force of the country, has been the favorite target of that economic war against Venezuela.

They talk about an urgent sanitary recovery. What a nerve that dismantles itself with the magnificent example of “Misión Barrio Adentro” (Inside the Neighborhood Mission), which has taken free healthcare to millions of Venezuelans. Their health system is at present one of the hardest hit sectors, it is true, but that is not by chance: shortage in Venezuela, fruit of every cruel blockade, hurts where it hurts the most. We Cubans know it well.

The analysts of those transnational outlets even include the institutional sphere and argue that many key institutions of Venezuela like the Supreme Court, have been “eviscerated”. Then, restoration would mean to return to the “democratic” track, the one that is successful and legal only if it serves to keep the system. A revolutionary and popular process that has held more than twenty elections and subjects itself to the scrutiny of international observers, is described as antidemocratic and dictatorial.

They have fabricated demonization and suffocation for years, and today we find the pretext of the humanitarian aid. And we already know what those “aids” have traditionally meant –military invasion and occupation of the territory--, with a number of civil victims, and a trail of "scorched earth" (let us recall Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria…), so it is inevitable to think that right now those vulture transnationals are dreaming with million contracts and juicy investments. It is the well-known war business. “I destroy you, to save you later”, masterfully summarized by US actor Danny Glover.

Some even speak about a new “Marshall Plan” for Venezuela. Yes, the same one which original formula submitted Europe to its US creditors forever.

But there’s a restoration attempt that lying outlets know very well and will never explain: the comeback to the “natural order" of things: the submission and dependence of the Latin American “backyard”; the reconstruction of the ailing US imperial hegemony in the region. Trump offensive and disrespectfully did say it, when he decreed the “end of socialism” and proclaimed that, for the first time in history, there would be a hemisphere free of that “evil”.

A desire that goes through making the first example: to erase the subversive example of the Bolivarian Revolution forever and completely. And that may find a step for its final death in the resistance and courage of Venezuelans.

Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamin / CubaSi Translation Staff

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