Featured THE PHOTO: The Hug

Hugs given by those who love us more are comforting, even though pain sometimes does not disappear. Love is the only support against death and injustice…

This man, icon and hope for millions of people, has had to live through several tragedies lately: being incarcerated after an unclear and fabricated process, and being separated from family and friends…

Despite all of that, he is still standing on his feet.

However (too many setbacks along the way), he mourned the loss of a beloved grandson, a seven-years-old boy.

Our mindset is never ready to face the death of a child…either son, grandson, nephew, or a neighbor. It does not look natural. It is a tough blow…

Lula da Silva was allowed (forbid such a thing would have been disgraceful) to attend the funeral of Arthur, who passed away last Friday due to a meningitis.

Escorted by the military as if he were a dangerous criminal, he finally met his family for few hours and shared such terrible time, which made grief easier.

That is why we come together and embrace, to remain standing.

That beating group, that shield of arms and emotions, is the only support against death and injustice.

A woman look in the background. She looks and looks and cannot hold the tears. Neither the people in the middle of a group hug. You want to believe they have made up something stronger, invulnerable while it lasts.

Something similar to hope.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz/CubaSi Translation Staff

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