Marco Rubio: The foreman of Helms-Burton Act

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Featured Marco Rubio: The foreman of Helms-Burton Act

Although human beings are usually identified through their fingerprints, laws are made by whoever represents them.

And one of the loudest voices of the Helms-Burton Act is that of US far-right Sen. Marco Rubio.

On March 15, 2016, Span’s news agency EFE characterized him this way in Washington:

Against the opinion of Republican heads, he ran as a hopeful to the presidential candidacy of that party in the primary elections of that year.

Intention that Marco Rubio quitted after suffering a scandalous defeat in the city of his political origin, Florida State.

Regardless, he reached the state parliament, where it was discovered that he paid personal expenses with a GOP credit card.

As well as, the full repairs to his family car.

It was in the scenario of the 2016 primary elections, where Marco Rubio and the then candidate Trump launched their most indecent attacks.

So many, that several Democrat and Republican observers, considered their links since as very deteriorated and distant.

However, they are united right now and defend tooth and nail for the validity of the very controversial and illegal Title III of the Helms-Burton Act.

The far-right legislation would further strengthen the already rigorous provisions of Washington against Cuba.

They also agree to warmly embrace the defense of a law eventually repudiated even by Washington’s allies.

Reason of such a significant split among components of what was once called “Free World”?

Its grossly extraterritorial nature, especially with regard to the said title III.

It’s no surprise that some, between drinks, manage to figure out from the North to be owners of the planet, and that one of those men, Marco Rubio, be their foreman.

Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamin / CubaSi Translation Staff

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