The Heroe and The Man

Featured The Heroe and The Man

P-6 first stop, next to the Havana University, a woman was waiting the bus with two little children (6-7 years old), a boy and a girl.

                  —What are you going to do when you grow older? –he asked the little girl

                  —I will become a nurse or circus performer.

The old lady was not concerned about the conceptual and practical disparity of both professions:

                 —Oh, you certainly have talent! And what about you? –the old lady asked the little boy.

                  —I am going to be a hero!

The little girl anticipated:

                 —Hey, to be a hero, you need a machete. You have to be a tall, strong man. You have to be brave and fear nothing…

The old lady smiled:

—To be a hero you do not need to be that strong; you need to be brave enough to take the path others do not dare to…even though you may be afraid.

“I do not know if I want you to be a hero. Heroes sometimes suffer a lot. I would be pleased if you become a good man. Fair men are also needed.”

In front of them, behind the windows, and as mute witnesses of the improvised talked…Pictures of Julio Antonio Mella.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz/CubaSi Translation Staff

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