Cuban President Calls to Work in Local Development

Featured Cuban President Calls to Work in Local Development

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel called today to work on local development programs, taking advantage of the potential of each municipality, its human resources and avoiding bureaucratic obstacles.

First, all must have well-defined principles that support a program of local development, said the head of state when talking to the legislators in the Havana Conventiobn Center.

We are acquiring experience and we can socialize them, said the president.

Sometimes with the best intention someone says we are going to launch a local development program, and what it presents is a community project, exemplified Diaz-Canel, who clarified that the first is made up of economic, sociocultural elements and should be sustainable.

'Everything has to be chained to the economy' the president insisted, who clarified that the universities can participate, but the municipal governments have to guarantee this purpose, since the higher education centers can not do it alone.

What we have in this sense is not perfect, so we must improve the methodology, said the head of state.

When it comes to the local development program, nothing can be done by personal initiative, the decisions must be collegiated, always starting from a diagnosis that takes into account the aspirations and culture of each municipality, explained Diaz-Canel.

The universities, he said, are of great help with their research on economic, technological, pedagogical and humanistic issues.

We must put an end to the obstacles and the bureaucracy, we must promote work and control always with simple methods and not complicate things, said the president.

When it comes to local development programs, said Diaz-Canel, it is necessary to be attentive to the views of the population, because everything must go hand in hand with the aspirations of citizens.

We must also take into account social communication with the internal and external public, and make use of tools such as computerization, said the president of the Councils of State and Ministers.

The speech of Díaz-Canel is part of the second day of work of the committees of the People's Power National Assembly.

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