THE PHOTO: Where there was a lake…

Featured THE PHOTO: Where there was a lake…

There have always been droughts, but right now there are more droughts than ever… as there are some who underestimate the alarms.

These two fishermen carry a boat across mud that remains of what was formerly a lake. Likely, it will be so again, when drought ends. However, nobody knows the exact date.

Since the time we know began, there have always been alternation of wet and dry periods, even in places like this, in Botswana, in the northern Kalahari Desert. But now, the dry season is longer and crueler. Too many lakes have dried up in the last few years.

It’s possible that these men will be able to fish here again. Hopefully. But thousands of people have permanently lost their subsistence sources due to climate change.

The indescribable tenant of the White House has dared to say that climate change is an exaggeration, mounted by the enemies of global capital. Clearly, he hasn’t asked the people who fished in rivers that no longer exist.

Nor has he asked scientists, of course.

Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamin / CubaSí Translation Staff

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