Media provides more information about vandalistic acts in Cuba

Featured Media provides more information about vandalistic acts in Cuba

Havana, Jan 22 (Prensa Latina) A report on Cuban television provided more information on Tuesday about the vandalistic acts perpetrated in Havana against several busts of National Hero Jose Marti on January 1, and about the authors, who are linked to a subversive plot orchestrated from Miami, in the United States.

The report showed, through their confessions, the true intentions of the perpetrators and their accomplices, and explained the police work that led to identify them and capture them a few days after committing those acts.

Security cameras captured 44-year-old Panter Rodriguez Baro and 29-year-old Yoel Prieto Tamayo as they committed the acts at dawn on January 1, while the people were celebrating the 61st anniversary of the Revolution and the beginning of the New Year.

Eleven busts of Jose Marti and three billboards containing political messages at schools, institutions and public places in several municipalities in Havana were vandalized with pig's blood. Images were used by digital media that slander and lie about Cuba in the propaganda war funded by the US Government.

According to the authors' confessions, the idea of documenting the events in video and photos came from Ana Olema Hernandez Matamoros, who paid them 600 dollars to do so.

That person was reported by authorities as a counterrevolutionary at the service of the US Government and the Florida-based anti-Cuba mafia.

Her links with counterrevolutionary and terrorist organizations identify her as a puppet of subversion against Cuba, said the report, which denounced her participation in other actions to try to create disorder and civil disobedience.

According to the investigators, objects used for the vandalistic acts were found in Panter Rodriguez's garage, in addition to marihuana and cocaine belonging to him for consumption and trafficking, as he confessed.

As part of the investigation, it was proved that the accused received more than 1,000 dollars in 2019 as payment for these acts that were transferred by Ana Olema and her husband, who is also linked to these activities.

Other citizens, identified as Guillermo Mendoza Torroella, who lent his cell phone to document the events, and Jorge Ernesto Perez Garcia, Panter Rodriguez's cousin, who sent the audiovisual and photographic materials to Ana Olema, participated in the acts.

Yonel Fernando Cardoso Freire, a Cuban citizen who resides in Miami is the public face abroad who publishes the actions of the alleged clandestine cell on Facebook, Cuban television denounced.

The dirty media maneuver to try to show a convulsed, insecure and violent environment in Cuba discredits itself, as these are not casual events but activities paid by a government that does not understand about independence and sovereignty, the report added.

This denunciation is circulating on social networks under hashtag #VandalosDelimperio.

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