Hoax against Cuba at a little room of the European Parliament

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Featured Hoax against Cuba at a little room of the European Parliament

A new anti-Cuban show was orchestrated on Tuesday at the European Parliament, which again featured the attendance of Cuban counterrevolutionaries financed by institutions such as the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), and sponsored by parliamentarians subordinated to the interests of the United States.

This time, the hosts tried to give voice to a small group of Cuban annexationist citizens, who absolutely do not represent the real Cuban civil society and specialists in defaming their country at an ill-named meeting “Letters from Cuban Civil Society”, where some claimed “democracy” and “freedom of speech” for Cuba and however, a true debate was not promoted so the opinion of the rest of the attendees could be heard too.


Actually, it was an event held in a small room, which gathered nearly twenty people, most of them solidarity friends, Cubans living in Belgium and members of non-governmental organizations, who protested at the impossibility to be heard and demanded Spanish MEP Jose Ramon Bauza (Ciudadanos) –one of the organizers– respect for the Cuban people and the more than 2000 organizations that do represent our real civil society.

By the way, members of the Association of Resident Cubans in Belgium (CUBABEL) issued a letter addressed to Mr. Bauza and the Civil Rights Defenders organization –who sponsored the anti-Cuban event– where it was ratified that Cuban civil society is the one that builds the model of nation that Cubans living on the island and those who love and defend it around the world have chosen, the one made up of mass organizations and many others whose attitude distances itself from that assumed by the supposed “human rights defenders” who participated there.


They recalled that these ill-fated characters support the US blockade against their own people and that with events like this the principles of real democracy are violated due to the selectivity with which both civil and political rights are treated.

The letter signed by Menia Martinez, President of CUBABEL states: “Mr Bauza, we have European citizenship and we are sincerely ashamed that you, a member of the Euro Chamber, lend yourself and promote actions that have nothing to do with the principles that encourage true democracies. We need you to know that by voting in the European elections we do it thinking that the MEPs will be examples and promoters of a real spirit of solidarity, of openness to the world, of objective vision, of building bridges between countries, cultures and political systems, of humanism, of understanding, of non-interference in the affairs of other countries. We confess that your acting deceives our ideas about the European Parliament. It’s a shame that it does not promote events where it is objectively spoken about Cuba, with its achievements and defects. Obviously, to do this you would have to invite the real representatives of Cuban civil society, not these people who have no credit in Cuba, who play the opposition to gain personal profits to live well and who bet on destroying the system that most of the Cuban population defends. These people who come to these spaces to provoke, seek the legitimacy and recognition they do not have within Cuban society.”

It was also known that days prior to the encounter, solidarity friends issued another letter to Mr. Bauza where they reminded him that the European Union (EU) and the government of the Republic of Cuba signed an Agreement for Political Dialogue and Cooperation, based on respect and common interests, which specifies: “We find it irresponsible and disrespectful to hold this type of dialogue with insignificant individuals financed by a foreign power to create dissent within the government of a country legitimately approved by the vast majority of its citizens in free elections held there.”


Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamin / CubaSi Translation Staff

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