“Dissidents”: Lies against Cardinal Jaime Ortega

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Featured “Dissidents”: Lies against Cardinal Jaime Ortega

It recently came to light another lie from the enemies of Cuba. This time, the target is an eminent religious figure.

According to Diario las Americas, Cardinal Ortega y Alamino told them: “you get your reports from Miami’s dissidents”.

Sources? Quoted by the newspaper, a group of Cuban dissidents who were celebrating this July 4th the Independence Day of the United States.

Where? At Jeffrey DeLaurentis’ house. Suffice to say this man is the Chief of Mission of the U.S. Interest Section (USIS) in Havana.

Another “dissident” explained to the newspaper the Cardinal expressed himself “angrily”.

He argued that the Cardinal behaved that way after they tried to give him a request of Amnesty for those they call political prisoners.

He also confirmed that, in the turmoil, Ortega denied the existence of these kind of prisoners in the island and threatened to call security.

Later, Church’s authorities refuted the last idea and labeled it as a distortion, because the Cardinal referred to the USIS Security.

Why are these “dissidents” reacting in such a way? Some analysts believe it has to do with the support Jaime Ortega is giving to the restoration of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the U.S.

Nonetheless, the deceits against the Cardinal were quickly dismantled.

Nora Gamez Torres, journalist at El Nuevo Herald, said on Monday the Havana’s Archbishopric denied alleged statements from Cardinal Ortega.

The Catholic institution mentioned words never said by him such as “Miami’s counterrevolution press” during the reception of the Fourth of July at the USIS.

In the official statement, the Archbishopric also highlighted that “such words are not part of his vocabulary”.

The document that criticized all versions against Jaime Ortega was signed by Orlando Marquez, spokesman of the Havana’s Archdiocese and director of magazine Palabra Nueva.

Afterwards, the Cardinal himself barely gave importance to the critics and considered the situation as something created to obscure the upcoming visit of the Pope.

Jaime Ortega highlighted to EFE that “many people want the Pope’s visit to Cuba, some promote it (…), and others feel bad before his visit and think it has political connotation”.

The lies against this religious figure of the Catholic Church of Cuba may stir up many criteria.

Above all, it reminds a sacred commandment sometimes forgotten:

“Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor,” (Exodus 20, Verse 16) The Bible.

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